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If you are an FDI investor looking to find an industrial park location in Vietnam, consider the following advantages:

  • Affordable land rental prices
  • Cost-effective labor
  • Long-term tax incentives

A confluence of favorable factors: “Thien Thoi – Dia Loi – Nhan Hoa” (heaven’s timing, earth’s benefits, human harmony)
Feel free to reach out to us to schedule a visit to any industrial park across Vietnam, Cambodia, or Indonesia.

As a main contractor with over 20 years of experience in Design & Build for FDI projects, we specialize in projects of all scales. If you are interested in industrial real estate in Vietnam, contact us! Our team of experienced experts, engineers, and lawyers has assisted numerous buy/sell (M&A), and industrial real estate tenants, especially those from Japan, the US, EU, Taiwan, China, and Singapore…

For first-time investors in Vietnam, we help identify suitable locations in Industrial Zones nationwide. We support with investment procedures for projects.

Our Design & Build approach means that from the moment the investor secures the land lease, we handle all steps: obtaining IRC/ERC; DTM; Fire prevention and firefighting certificates; legal aspects from the design phase; applying for construction permits; progressing to the construction phase; and delivering a fully operational factory in a turnkey manner.

Save time, avoid additional consulting fees, and cut costs on investment estimates. We provide a comprehensive package from conceptualization to project completion, ensuring a seamless start of operations and reducing time, effort, and costs by 2/3 for you.

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