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Dear Investors,

  • Are you in search of industrial real estate in Vietnam, specifically warehouses for rent, factory spaces, or vacant land within suitable industrial zones to cater to the operational needs of your thriving business? We are here to provide tailored solutions and identify ideal locations that align with your industry requirements.

Industrial Parks - Vietnam - TTTFIC Group

  • For first-time investors venturing into the Vietnamese market, we specialize in scouting appropriate sites within Industrial Zones spanning the entire country. Our dedicated team is well-versed in managing the intricacies of investment procedures, ensuring a seamless process for your projects.
  • Boasting over two decades of experience in Design & Build for Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) ventures of various scales, we stand as your reliable partner in the pursuit of industrial real estate in Vietnam. Whether you are a buyer, seller (engaged in Mergers and Acquisitions), or an industrial real estate tenant, particularly from Japan, the United States, Europe, Taiwan, China, Korea, and beyond, we have successfully assisted thousands of clients.
  • Our comprehensive Design & Build approach signifies that, from the moment you secure the land lease location, we take charge of all aspects, encompassing the acquisition of Investment Registration Certificate (IRC)/Enterprise Registration Certificate (ERC), Design and Technical Maps (DTM), fire prevention and firefighting certificates, and the legal intricacies of the project from its conceptualization. We handle the application for construction permits, oversee the construction phase, and deliver a fully operational factory in a turnkey manner.
  • By choosing us, you eliminate the need for extensive searches, additional consulting fees, and unnecessary expenditures on investment estimates. We offer an all-encompassing package from conceptualizing the client’s idea to project completion, ensuring a smooth commencement of operations. Our approach reduces time, effort, and costs by two-thirds, providing you with a hassle-free experience.

Industrial Parks - Vietnam - TTTFIC Group

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