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Introduction: Definition of Industrial Zones in Vietnam – What is Industrial Land and How to Invest in Industrial Zones

Welcome to our introduction to industrial zones in Vietnam. In this article, we will provide definitions and insights into industrial zones, industrial land, who can invest in industrial zones, and the necessary steps to lease land within these zones.

Definition of Industrial Land

Industrial zones (IZs) are designated areas in Vietnam specifically developed to facilitate industrial and manufacturing activities. They are designed to provide a conducive environment for businesses, offering infrastructure, utilities, and amenities necessary for industrial operations.

Industrial Land: What is it?

Industrial land encompasses specific parcels of land within industrial zones that industry players designate for conducting various industrial activities. Developers purposefully develop and zone these lands for manufacturing, processing, warehousing, logistics, and other relevant industrial operations. To facilitate such activities, industrial land is equipped with essential infrastructure, including roads, utilities, and waste management systems.

Investing in Industrial Zones: Who can participate?

Industrial zones in Vietnam welcome both domestic and foreign investors. These investors can be individuals, companies, or joint ventures. The government of Vietnam encourages investment in industrial zones and provides various incentives and support to promote economic growth and industrial development. Investors from various industries, such as manufacturing, processing, and logistics, can benefit from the opportunities offered within industrial zones.

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Leasing Land in Industrial Zones: Steps to Follow

Typically, individuals or businesses interested in leasing land within industrial zones in Vietnam need to follow the following steps:

  1. Identify Suitable Industrial Zones: Research and identify the industrial zones that align with your business requirements, location preferences, and industry-specific needs.
  2. Contact the Industrial Zone Authority: Get in touch with the relevant Industrial Zone Authority to inquire about available land, zoning regulations, and lease procedures.
  3. Submit Application: Prepare and submit an application to lease land within the selected industrial zone. This application typically includes information about your business, investment plans, and proposed land use.
  4. Evaluation and Approval: The Industrial Zone Authority evaluates the application based on criteria such as feasibility, compatibility with the zone’s development plans, and compliance with regulations. Upon approval, you will receive the lease agreement.
  5. Lease Agreement and Payments: Review the lease agreement, negotiate terms if necessary, and make the required lease payments as per the agreed-upon terms and conditions.
  6. Commence Operations: Once the lease is finalized, you can begin setting up your operations within the leased industrial land and start your business activities.


Industrial zones in Vietnam provide favorable environments for industrial activities, attracting investors from various sectors. Understanding the definition of industrial zones, the concept of industrial land, and the process of investing and leasing land within these zones is crucial for those looking to establish or expand their industrial operations in Vietnam.

Should you have any further inquiries or require assistance in navigating the industrial zone landscape in Vietnam, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are here to provide guidance and support throughout your journey of investing in industrial zones in Vietnam.

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