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I. Overview of My Phuoc III Industrial Real Estate:

We provide Consulting and Brokerage services for:

Buy/Sell Factory

Rent/Lease Warehouse Spaces

Buy/Sell Industrial Land

Constructing Custom-Built Factory for Sale or Lease within Industrial Zones across Vietnam.

  • Our factory properties for sale and lease are designed to standard specifications, offering aesthetically pleasing aesthetics and meeting quality standards.
  • Choosing to buy or lease industrial real estate through our services not only provides access to versatile facilities with strategic locations but also enhances the prestige and credibility of your business.
  • With extensive knowledge of the manufacturing sector and industrial real estate, we specialize in assisting international investors and multinational corporations in achieving success in their investments in Vietnam.
  • Vacant land within industrial zones. Vacant land previously invested in but now available for sale due to lack of demand has been filled and is ready for handover.
  • Our team of experienced experts, lawyers, engineers, and architects provide comprehensive support for foreign investors interested in investing in industrial zones nationwide.
  • Excellent market knowledge, close relationships, distribution delegation from industrial zone owners, and legal assurance ensure a smooth, seamless, and efficient process, enabling you to make informed decisions and maximize your investment opportunities. Explore Vietnam’s industrial potential with our professional services today!
  • We invite you to join us at this unique location, where renowned factories converge with modern infrastructure and flexible expansion opportunities.
For Sale - Factory in Mỹ Phuoc 3 Industrial Park - TTTFIC Group

For Sale – Factory in Mỹ Phuoc 3 Industrial Park – TTTFIC Group

II. Geographic Location:

A – Distance by Road:

Direct access to My Phuoc Tan Van Expressway and National Highway 13

Ho Chi Minh City (47.2 km).

New Binh Duong City Center (6 km).

B – Distance to Ports:

Cat Lai Port: (55.4 km).

Cai Mep – Thi Vai Port: (116.6 km).

C – Distance to Airports:

Tan Son Nhat International Airport (46 km).

Long Thanh International Airport: (63.2 km).

For Sale - Factory in Mỹ Phuoc 3 Industrial Park - TTTFIC Group

For Sale – Factory in Mỹ Phuoc 3 Industrial Park – TTTFIC Group

III. Description of Property Types:

Property Type Area/m2 NotesArea /m2Ghi chú
Total Land9.060 m2Sell Price: 3.300.000 USD
Construction Area5.600 m2
Term of Use30/06/2056
For Sale - Factory in Mỹ Phuoc 3 Industrial Park - TTTFIC Group

For Sale – Factory in Mỹ Phuoc 3 Industrial Park – TTTFIC Group

IV. Infrastructure of My Phuoc III Industrial Park:

One of the factors that makes My Phuoc III Industrial Park in Binh Duong attractive to domestic and foreign investors is its modern infrastructure investment. Becamex IDC Corporation has invested in the following infrastructure system:

My Phuoc III Industrial Park Transportation System

All internal roads in the industrial park are 25m wide. Specifically, asphalt roads are 15m wide with 5m wide sidewalks on each side. Load-bearing capacity ranges from 40-60 tons/truck.

My Phuoc III Industrial Park Electricity Supply System

The entire electricity system in the industrial park will be supplied by the national grid at 22KV via 2 power lines: Ben Cat – My Phuoc and Tan Dinh-My Phuoc to the boundaries of the land lots within the industrial park.

The station capacity for Phase 1 is 126 MVA, for Phase 2 is 200 MVA, and for Phase 3 is 500 MVA.

My Phuoc III Industrial Park Water Supply System

The clean water system at My Phuoc III Industrial Park will be treated according to WHO standards before being supplied to each business here.

In detail:

Phase I achieves a capacity of 12,000m3/day

Phase 2 develops to a capacity of 30,000m3/day.

Phase 3 capacity is 120,000m3/day.

Wastewater Treatment System

The wastewater treatment system at My Phuoc III Industrial Park has a large capacity, ensuring the reception and treatment of wastewater from businesses to meet the standards set by the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment before being discharged into the environment.

Communication Information System

At My Phuoc III Industrial Park, Becamex IDC Corporation has installed telephone lines to the boundaries of the land lots. Through this, unlimited quantity is provided to meet the needs of customers.

Additionally, a fiber optic system is installed here to connect to private leased line systems (Leased Line) and broadband telecommunications applications (ADSL).

Fire Fighting System

To ensure the safety of workers and businesses from fire and explosion hazards, Becamex IDC Corporation has arranged a professional fire fighting team with water supply systems along the internal roads of the industrial park. At the same time, the security force is trained in fire fighting and anti-riot tactics 24/24.

Labor Support and Consulting Center

The labor support and consulting center is located right at the industrial park to support businesses in recruitment and labor policy consulting.

Through this, it helps to introduce jobs, promote labor recruitment programs, and create conditions to support labor in the industrial park.

Other Services

In addition to the superior infrastructure conditions mentioned above, My Phuoc III Industrial Park also allocates commercial-service areas such as banks, medical care services, logistics services, housing areas for experts, canteens for workers, entertainment areas, etc.

Furthermore, here are provided free services to support project implementation procedures such as consulting, support in preparing procedures for investors, applying for investment certificates, and procedures after investment certification.

As of the present time, Binh Duong province is still actively promoting the investment in infrastructure systems to become increasingly complete, creating favorable conditions for trade and attracting factories to relocate to My Phuoc III Industrial Park.

V. Investment Costs in My Phuoc III Industrial Park

Specific investment costs at My Phuoc 3 Industrial Park are as follows:

Amounts to be paidPayment amount
Land rents185 USD/ m2 (valid until June 30, 2056)
Infrastructure management and maintenance fees 
Electricity priceElectricity prices are calculated according to the electricity supplier’s regulations as follows:

  • Peak hours: 0.1 USD
  • Normal hours: 0.05 USD
  • Off-peak hours: 0.03 USD
Water price0.4 USD/ m3
Cost of wastewater treatment0.25 USD/ m3


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