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Operating time: 2018 - 2068
Total Area: 1.000 ha
Infrastructure investors: Provincial Industrial Zone Management Board of Dien Bien Province
Price: $25 usd/m2
Building density: 65%
Occupancy: 30%
Address: Dien Bien City, Dien Bien Province, Vietnam

Dien Bien is a mountainous province located in the Northwestern part of Vietnam, bordering Lai Chau Province to the north, Son La Province to the east and northeast, Yunnan Province (China) to the northwest, and Laos to the west and southwest.

I. Geographical Location:

Dien Bien is approximately 500km away from the capital, Hanoi. It is the only province sharing borders with both China and Laos, with a 360km-long border with Laos and a 40,861km-long border with China. Along the Vietnam-Laos border, there are two open border gates: Huoi Puoc National Border Gate and Tay Trang International Border Gate, as well as three other subsidiary border gates. For the Vietnam-China border, the A Pa Chai – Long Phu border gate pair is planned to become a national border gate, serving as a key exchange point for the Northwest region of Vietnam with northern provinces of Laos and southern regions of China.

Dien Bien Industrial Parks - Dien Bien Province - TTTFIC Group

Dien Bien Industrial Parks – Dien Bien Province – TTTFIC Group

II. Administrative Organization and Human Resources:

Administratively, Dien Bien Province covers a natural area of 9,554 square kilometers, accounting for 2.8% of the country’s total natural area. It is divided into 9 administrative units: Dien Bien Phu City (the provincial capital), Muong Lay Town, Muong Nhe District, Muong Cha District, Tua Chua District, Tuan Giao District, Dien Bien District, Dien Bien Dong District, and Muong Ang District, comprising 112 communes and townships.

Population and Labor: As of 2010, the average population of Dien Bien Province was 501,400 people, with a population density of 52 people per square kilometer. The province is home to 21 ethnic groups, with the Thai ethnic group being the largest at 42.2%, followed by the H’Mong at 27.2%, and the Kinh at 19%. The majority of the labor force is engaged in agriculture and forestry, accounting for 80.6% of the total workforce, while industrial and construction labor constitutes 6.3%, and service sector labor makes up 13.1%. There is still a significant number of unemployed labor, approximately 14,000 people, accounting for 4.9% of the employable workforce.

III. Land, Mineral Resources, Hydropower, and Tourism:

  • Land Resources: Dien Bien Province has a natural area of 955,409 hectares, with a majority of sloping land suitable for forestry and reforestation. Approximately 50.2% of the province’s natural area is used for agricultural and forestry production.
  • Mineral Resources: While the mineral resources in Dien Bien have not been extensively explored and evaluated, historical documents indicate a diverse range, including mineral water, lignite coal, limestone, granite, iron ore, and colored metals. The province has identified 32 iron and metal ore points and 14 coal mines.
  • Water Resources and Hydropower: Due to its mountainous terrain with numerous rivers and waterfalls, Dien Bien has significant hydropower potential. Notable hydropower projects include Muong Chung Hydropower on the Nam Pay River, Muong Pon Hydropower on the Nam Ty River, Nam Muc Hydropower on the Nam Muc River, and others.
  • Tourism Resources: Dien Bien has rich and diverse tourism potential, including natural and cultural tourism resources. Natural attractions include Pa Khoang Lake, pristine forests in Muong Nhe and Muong Toong, Pa Thom Cave, Tham Pua Cave, and scenic waterfalls. The province also boasts historical sites like the Mường Luân Tower and significant cultural sites related to the Battle of Dien Bien Phu.
Dien Bien Industrial Parks - Dien Bien Province - TTTFIC Group

Dien Bien Industrial Parks – Dien Bien Province – TTTFIC Group

IV. Service Sectors:

  • Banking: The province has branches of commercial banks like the Investment and Development Bank and the Agriculture Bank, providing convenient credit services for investors.
  • Insurance: Insurance services are provided by reputable domestic and international enterprises, covering various types of insurance such as social insurance and life insurance.
  • Trade: Dien Bien has a well-developed trade network with commercial centers in districts and commune clusters, meeting the increasing demands for goods and agricultural products, especially in remote and highland areas.
  • Tourism Services: The province has 92 tourism businesses, including a growing number of hotels. The tourism infrastructure is expanding to accommodate various forms of tourism, including eco-tourism and cultural and historical tourism.

V. Industrial Cluster and Industrial Zones Development:

According to the 2015-2020 development plan, Dien Bien Province aims to develop industrial clusters and industrial zones, fostering economic growth and attracting investment.


01Southeast Industrial Zone in Dien Bien City Location: Dien Bien City

Scale: 60 hectares

02West Long Chao Industrial Zone in Dien Bien City Location: Dien Bien City

Scale: 30 – 40 hectares

03Industrial Cluster in the Eastern Part of Dien Bien District Location: Dien Bien District – Dien Bien Province
04Industrial Cluster in the Eastern Part of Tuan Giao District Location: Tuan Giao District – Dien Bien Province
05Industrial Cluster in the Southern Part of Tua Chua District Location: Tua Chua District – Dien Bien Province
06Industrial Cluster in Muong Lay Town Location: Muong Lay Town – Dien Bien Province
07Industrial Cluster in Muong Cha District Location: Muong Cha District – Dien Bien City
08Na Hai Industrial Cluster Location: Dien Bien District – Dien Bien Province


As of the current time, the province has completed the detailed planning for 01 industrial zone, 01 industrial cluster (Na Hai Industrial Cluster in Dien Bien District), and is in the process of developing detailed planning for another industrial cluster (Eastern Tuan Giao Industrial Cluster).

VI. Local Investment Attraction Situation:

Investment attraction activities in the area continue to show positive changes, with various sectors such as hydropower, tourism services, trade, construction materials production, and afforestation attracting the attention, exploration, and promotion of investment opportunities by investors. From 2006 until now, 30 projects have been issued investment certificates with a total registered capital of 6,294 billion VND.

Dien Bien Industrial Parks - Dien Bien Province - TTTFIC Group

Dien Bien Industrial Parks – Dien Bien Province – TTTFIC Group

VII. Project Implementation Status:

  • Completed and operational projects include: Dien Bien Cement Plant, Dien Bien Phu Commercial Center, Hoang Anh Stone Exploitation and Processing, Interactive Cable TV Network, Hybrid Pumpkin Plantation, Sam Mun Tunnel Brick Factory, Thanh Xuong Tunnel Brick Factory.
  • Ongoing construction projects include: Nam Muc Hydropower Plant, Nam He Hydropower Plant, Muong Thanh Hotel, Noong Bua Market, tunnel brick projects, coffee plantation, and afforestation projects.
  • Other projects are in the process of preparing design and construction documentation, as well as land clearance.


The land for lease that belong to Industrial Park has run out of stock. Only the land and warehouse has been re-invested by individual investor that still available

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Dien Bien Industrial Parks - Dien Bien Provinve

Dien Bien Industrial Parks - Dien Bien Provinve

  • Price: $25 usd/m2
  • Area: 1.000 ha

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