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Introduction to Industrial Parks, Economic Overview, and Investment Opportunities in Tien Giang Province
Tien Giang province, located in the Mekong Delta region of Vietnam, has become a promising destination for industrial development in recent years. With a strategic location, favorable investment policies, and a robust infrastructure system, the province has attracted numerous domestic and foreign investors to establish their production bases in its industrial parks.
Investing In Tien Giang - TTTFIC Group

Investing In Tien Giang – TTTFIC Group


Tien Giang province currently has five industrial parks, including My Tho Industrial Park, Trung An Industrial Park, Tan Huong Industrial Park, Song Hau Industrial Park, and Vinh Kim Industrial Park. These industrial parks offer a variety of advantages to investors, such as convenient transportation, abundant labor resources, and a well-developed utility infrastructure system. Moreover, the province has recently invested in upgrading its technical infrastructure, including water supply, electricity, and telecommunications systems, to better support industrial activities.


Tien Giang province has achieved remarkable economic growth over the past few years, with an average annual growth rate of 7.5%. The province’s GDP in 2020 reached 68.6 trillion VND (around 3 billion USD), and its per capita income was 51 million VND (around 2,200 USD). The province’s economy is mainly driven by agriculture, industry, and services, with industry being the fastest-growing sector. In 2020, the industrial sector’s production value accounted for 41.6% of the province’s GDP, with key industries such as food processing, textiles, and electronics leading the way.


Tien Giang province offers numerous investment opportunities in various sectors, including agro-processing, electronics, and textiles. The province’s advantageous geographical location also makes it an ideal destination for logistics and transportation businesses. Moreover, the province’s investment policies prioritize attracting high-tech and environmentally friendly projects, with incentives such as corporate income tax exemption or reduction, land rental fee exemption or reduction, and import tax exemption for machinery and equipment. With a stable political environment, a young and skilled labor force, and a supportive infrastructure system, Tien Giang province is an attractive destination for investors seeking to expand their operations in Vietnam.


Tien Giang province’s industrial parks, strong economic growth, and investment opportunities make it an attractive destination for domestic and foreign investors. With its strategic location, skilled labor force, and supportive policies, the province has the potential to become a hub for industrial development in the Mekong Delta region.
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