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Operating time: 2007 - 2057
Total Area: 133,29 Ha
Infrastructure investors: Frasers Property Development Services (Vietnam) Co., Ltd
Price: 200 USD/m2
Building density: 70 %
Occupancy: 60 %
Address: Hoa Phu Ward, Thu Dau Mot City, Binh Duong province, Vietnam

The industrial park boasts a strategic location and is developed in a synchronized manner, which has drawn a substantial number of domestic and foreign investors. Currently, the momentum of this industrial park project shows no signs of cooling down. For more detailed information about Binh Duong Industrial Park – Fraser, please join TTTFIC to follow the upcoming content in this article!

I. Overview of Binh Duong Industrial Park – Fraser

Binh Duong Industrial Park – Fraser (abbreviated as BDIP) is the inaugural industrial real estate investment project by Frasers Property Vietnam. The project is situated at Lot TT, within the Tan Phu Industrial Park, a part of the Binh Duong Urban Industrial Complex, in Hoa Phu Ward, Thu Dau Mot City, Binh Duong Province.

This industrial park is developed following a modern, dynamic, and sustainable industrial park model. It accommodates manufacturing activities while ensuring a harmonious balance between work and modern life with comprehensive amenities.

The total area of the industrial park spans 133.29 hectares, with a lease term of 50 years. The rental price is set at $200 per square meter. BDIP Industrial Park offers approximately 230,000 square meters of land for factories (RBF, RBW, BTS) to meet the high modern industrial demands of Binh Duong Province. Consequently, the investor has established high-quality infrastructure in the industrial park, catering to various industries.

Binh Duong Industrial Park - Frasers - Binh Duong Province -

Master plan map of BDIP – Frasers Binh Duong

Industrial Park Assessment

The investor of the Binh Duong Fraser Industrial Park project has devised a plan to develop the industrial park in alignment with the group’s sustainable strategy. The Group aims to obtain green certification for 80% of the assets within the industrial park by 2024 and strives to achieve net-zero carbon emissions by 2050.

The project will place a strong emphasis on carbon reduction and the efficient utilization of renewable energy. Simultaneously, it will offer innovative environmentally friendly solutions, including the use of energy-efficient lighting equipment, highly effective water filtration systems, and sustainable construction materials.

Additionally, the project will focus on customers operating in sectors such as logistics and distribution, the light industry, the supporting industry, the high-tech industry, and other manufacturing industries that have a lower environmental pollution impact.

Legal Records

Binh Duong Frasers Industrial Park holds the necessary legal permits and is authorized to operate as per the following documents:

  • Establishment Decision No. 912/QD-TTg, dated September 1, 2005, by the Prime Minister, approving the overall investment and development plan for industrial-service-urban zones in Binh Duong Province.
  • Investment Certificate No. 46221000039, dated December 8, 2006, with the first adjustment certificate dated April 5, 2007, and the second certificate dated May 25, 2011, issued by the provincial industrial park management board at the Binh Duong level.
  • Decision No. 2933/QD-UBND, dated June 22, 2006, by the Chairman of the Provincial People’s Committee, approving the detailed planning of Frasers Binh Duong Industrial Park, which belongs to the integrated industrial-service-urban area of Binh Duong.

Land Use Structure of Binh Duong Industrial Park – Frasers

No.Soil typeArea (hectares)Percentage (%)
1Land for industrial factory construction85,6364,2429
2Main house technical infrastructure land2,872,1546
3Land for service operations2,852,1334
4Green park land17,6413,2305
5Land transport18,2013,6543
6Residential land for professionals2,191,6490
7Residential land for workers3,912,9341

Information about Investors

The primary investor in the industrial park is Frasers Vietnam Real Estate Development and Services Company Limited, located at 2 Ngo Duc Ke, Ben Nghe Ward, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City. The company’s primary business activities include real estate brokerage consulting, land use rights auctions, and real estate auctions.

Frasers Property is a corporation established in 1963, headquartered in Singapore. Frasers Property is a multinational corporation that has invested in and managed hundreds of real estate projects in more than 70 cities worldwide. Currently, the Frasers Property Group mainly operates in Southeast Asia, Australia, Europe, and China.

Frasers Property Group entered the Vietnamese market in 1996, starting with its first project in Vietnam, an office project in the center of District 1, Ho Chi Minh City, known as Me Linh Point, a 22-floor building. Subsequent projects include two serviced apartment projects, Frasers Suites Hanoi and the Capri By Frasers project in District 7, Ho Chi Minh City. In 2018, Frasers Property introduced the Q2 Thao Dien apartment project.

At the 2021 Property Guru Vietnam Real Estate Awards, the Binh Duong Industrial Park – Frasers project was honored as the best industrial park in Vietnam. This recognition underscores the quality and special standards offered to customers by Frasers Property Vietnam, the investor.

Project Progress

Following the success of several real estate projects in Vietnam, in May 2021, Frasers Property Vietnam Group launched the Binh Duong Industrial Park – Frasers project to the market. After over a year of construction, the project is currently in the final stages of upgrading internal amenities, improving auxiliary infrastructure, and enhancing landscaping and traffic flow within the industrial park.

In the second quarter of 2022, the project will develop approximately 800,000 square meters of ready-built factories. Presently, the project is 90% complete, with numerous domestic and foreign businesses investing in economic development.

II. Geographical Location of Binh Duong Industrial Park – Frasers

Binh Duong Industrial Park – Frasers is situated in the southern key economic region of Binh Duong Province. The industrial park offers easy connectivity to neighboring provinces via National Highway 13. Moreover, it is in proximity to major industrial parks in Binh Duong, such as Protrade International Technology Park, BW Supply Chain Industrial Park, Rach Bap Industrial Park, and Viet Huong 2 Industrial Park.

Additionally, Binh Duong – Frasers Industrial Park serves as a transportation hub to access various areas and amenities within and beyond the province, including:

Administrative center

  • The industrial park is approximately 14km from Thu Dau Mot City, Binh Duong Province.
  • It is around 30km from Binh Duong’s Bien Hoa City.
  • The distance from the Industrial Park to Ho Chi Minh City is about 37km.


  • About 30km from Song Than International Container Port.
  • Approximately 44km from Saigon Port.
  • The industrial park is roughly 50km from Cat Lai Port.
  • About 90km from Cai Mep Port.

Train Station

  • Approximately 29km from Song Than Station.
  • Around 44km from Saigon Station.


  • The industrial park is situated 42km from Tan Son Nhat International Airport.
  • About 65km from Long Thanh International Airport.

Binh Duong Industrial Park – Frasers holds a strategic geographical location that supports trade and economic development. Coupled with comprehensive infrastructure investments, the project is poised to become the premier industrial and logistics center for domestic and foreign investment activities.

III. Infrastructure of Binh Duong Industrial Park – Frasers

Implemented by a renowned tycoon with extensive experience in the real estate industry, Binh Duong Industrial Park – Frasers benefits from cutting-edge infrastructure and facilities that meet international standards.

Infrastructure Within the Industrial Park

  • The project boasts a multi-layered security system, providing 24/7 protection.
  • It features a state-of-the-art wastewater treatment system.
  • The internal asphalt road system is complete, with lighting systems and fire hydrants on both sides of the road.
  • The industrial park also serves as an integrated industrial service center, combining working areas with recreational cafe spaces and research and development facilities.
  • The factory system is constructed using advanced technology and environmentally friendly materials to protect the natural surroundings.
Binh Duong Industrial Park - Frasers Binh Duong - TTTFIC Group

The infrastructure of BDIP – Frasers

About Outside Amenities

The industrial park benefits from its prime geographical location, offering access to a range of off-site amenities in the surrounding area. These amenities include Binh Duong Province’s administrative center, Sora Garden and Midori luxury apartments, Hoa Loi social housing area, as well as other high-class apartments. There are convenience stores, schools at all levels, universities, and more.

These off-site amenities promise to provide a comfortable, modern, and healthy living environment for customers who choose to work and lease factories within the Industrial Park.

IV. Industries That Attract Investment

The industries that are particularly attractive for investment within Binh Duong Industrial Park – Frasers include:

  • Food and beverage manufacturing industry.
  • Handicrafts, ceramics, and glass industries.
  • Wood product manufacturing industry, interior decoration, and the production of plastic and metal products for export.
  • The production of consumer goods, household appliances, and office equipment.
  • Electronic industry, electrical equipment, and metal machinery.
  • Textile industry (excluding dyeing), sewing, and clothing production.
  • Industrial mechanics (excluding plating), components for assembling industrial machines, and the manufacturing of mechanical products.
  • Production of construction materials and toys.
  • Pharmaceutical, cosmetic, packaging, and paper printing industries.

V. Investment Costs in Binh Duong Industrial Park – Frasers

Electricity pricePeak hour 0,1 USD/KWh. Normal hours: 0,05 USD/kWh. Off-peak hours: 0,03 USD/KWh.
Water priceMaintain the standard level of 0,4 USD/m3 paid monthly.
Infrastructure management and maintenance fees0,45 USD/m2/year. The minimum rental area is 1 hectare.
Land rents200 USD/m2 for 50 year lease period.
Cost of wastewater treatment0,28 USD/m3. Pay monthly or quarterly.

VI. Investment Incentives in Binh Duong Industrial Park – Frasers

Binh Duong Industrial Park – Frasers currently boasts a very high occupancy rate, with numerous large domestic and foreign businesses choosing to invest here. This is due to the industrial park’s strategic geographical location and its offering of various investment incentives for businesses, including:

  • A 100% land tax exemption for businesses during the first 2 years of factory lease.
  • A 50% land tax reduction for businesses over the following 4 years.
  • Availability of several corporate income tax exemption and reduction policies.
  • Import tax exemption for items such as machinery, equipment, components, spare parts for machinery assembly, or machinery repair for production.
Binh Duong Industrial Park - Frasers Binh Duong - TTTFIC Group

Investment Incentives in Binh Duong Industrial Park – Frasers

VII. Labor Resources and Labor Costs

Binh Duong Industrial Park – Frasers enjoys a strategic location, with proximity to major universities in the province and its accessibility to Ho Chi Minh City, as well as other industrial parks in Binh Duong. This location provides access to an abundant and highly skilled workforce. Additionally, Binh Duong province offers attractive living policies to draw labor resources from other provinces for both work and residency. As a result, the Industrial Park benefits from a substantial labor pool with competitive labor costs.

VIII. Development Potential of Binh Duong Industrial Park – Frasers Industrial Park Project

Binh Duong Industrial Park – Frasers is the first green industrial park project in Vietnam. Furthermore, the project’s prime location in Binh Duong province presents lucrative investment opportunities for customers leasing factories here.

Currently, Binh Duong province has implemented numerous open investment policies to attract foreign investment capital. The province ranks third in the country in terms of total foreign investment capital, trailing only Hanoi and Saigon. In the future, an influx of domestic and foreign investors is expected to flock to Binh Duong. As a result, there will be a significant demand for factories, and as a result, investing in Binh Duong Industrial Park – Frasers is poised to yield substantial profits.

The information provided above offers a comprehensive understanding of the Binh Duong Industrial Park – Fraser Industrial Park project. It is designed to assist you in making well-informed investment decisions.

The land for lease that belong to Industrial Park has run out of stock. Only the land and warehouse has been re-invested by individual investor that still available

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Address: No.290, Dong Khoi Street, Hoa Phu Ward, Thu Dau Mot City (Binh Duong New City), Binh Duong Province, Vietnam.

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  • Price: 200 USD/m2
  • Area: 133,29 Ha

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