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Operating time: 2008 - updating
Total Area: 10000 Ha
Infrastructure investors: GOV
Price: 35 USD/m2
Building density: 60 %
Occupancy: 20%
Address: Quang Trach District, Quang Binh province

Hon La Economic Zone – Quang Binh:

I.Overview of Hon La Economic Zone – Quang Binh

  • The Hon La Economic Zone in Quang Binh, Vietnam, was established by governmental decision 79/2008/QD-TTg. Covering 10,000 hectares, the zone includes six coastal communes in Quang Trach district.
  • Specifically, the area comprises 8,900 hectares of land and 1,100 hectares of island and sea space. It follows the comprehensive economic zone model and is divided into two functional zones.
  • Firstly, the duty-free area covers 200 hectares. It promotes activities like local production, export goods, service trading, transhipment, warehouse storage, telecommunications, finance, banking, transportation, insurance, entertainment, trade promotion and other commercial activities.
  • On the other hand, the customs area spans 9,800 hectares. This sector includes industrial development areas featuring industries such as thermal power, shipbuilding, mineral processing, steel rolling, building materials, oil refining and other supporting industries. Additionally, it contains port and logistics services with the capacity to accommodate ships up to 100,000 tons. The Hon La port is projected to become a significant regional transshipment port. Tourism services, residential areas, urban areas, administrative areas are also part of this sector.
  • Presently, the economic zone is expanding a deep-water port capable of handling 10-12 million tons per year and servicing 10,000-ton ships. It also features a 1200 MW coal-fired power plant, a cement production factory with an annual capacity of 4 million tons, and a shipyard.


Master plan map of Hon La Economic Zone - Quang Binh - TTTFIC Group

Master plan map of Hon La Economic Zone – Quang Binh – TTTFIC Group

II. Geography of Hon La Economic Zone – Quang Binh:

  • The Hon La Economic Zone, part of Central Vietnam’s coastal economic clusters, nestles within six communes of Quang Trach district. Naturally endowed, it’s an ideal spot for deep-water port construction and associated services development.
  • It neighbors Ha Tinh province to the north and Quang Tho ward, Ba Don town to the south. The west border touches several Quang Trach communes and Quang Long ward, while the East Sea lies east.
  • Hon La Economic Zone’s rare advantages make it a prime investment location. Adjacent to Vung Ang Economic Zone in Ha Tinh, it’s one of five coastal economic zones selected for concentrated investment by the government. It’s poised to become a hub for steel manufacturing, supporting industries, thermal power, and deep-water seaports in Central Vietnam and the nation.
  • Only slightly over 10 kilometers from Vung Ang, Hon La will support and connect Vung Ang with Laos via the Cha Lo international border gate.
  • Furthermore, its linkage to the Cha Lo International Border Gate Economic Zone provides the shortest international transit route between Vietnam and Laos, Myanmar, Thailand. This east-west economic corridor from Cha Lo to Hon La creates a swift gateway to regional and global destinations. It’s the shortest route for Laos and northeast Thailand provinces to the sea, a mere 150 km from Hon La to Cha Lo and about 300 km to northeastern Thai provinces.

III. Development orientation of Hon La Economic Zone – Quang Binh:

1. Industrial development:

Industrial development is a priority, capitalizing on Hon La Economic Zone’s strengths. Key sectors include marine exploitation and port-related industries, power production, supporting industries, export-oriented and high-tech industries. The goal is to create high-impact, competitive industrial products for regional and international integration, laying the groundwork for long-term growth.

The focus remains on developing the Hon La Seaport Industrial Zone into a thermal power and shipbuilding hub with various industrial clusters. Economic development is harmonized with environmental protection.

By 2020, the emphasis is on the following industries:

  • Shipbuilding and repair, with a focus on offshore fishing vessels (400-1000 HP);
  • Power production (thermal power);
  • Construction materials, cement, stone processing, asphalt concrete, high-end construction materials, precast concrete, tuynen bricks, steel and steel products;
  • Heavy equipment manufacturing: auto processing and assembly, motorcycle assembly, office equipment, electrical appliances, high-quality electronics, internal combustion engines;
  • Product manufacturing, processing, and packaging;
  • Biotechnology and new materials production and processing;
  • Precision mechanical equipment production and assembly, digital equipment assembly;
  • High-end plastic products, detergents, cosmetics, different types of glass, glass processing, packaging, product labeling, paper and paper products;
  • Seafood and agricultural processing (wood products);
  • Small-scale industry development;
  • Petroleum refining (when feasible).


A perspective on Hon La Economic Zone - Quang Binh - TTTFIC Group

A perspective on Hon La Economic Zone – Quang Binh – TTTFIC Group

2. Service industry development and establishing a duty-free zone:

Focus is on developing key services such as port and maritime transport services, tourism, trade, finance – banking, postal – telecommunications, etc.

a) Develop port and maritime transport services:

– For port services, diversify types of services such as maritime and shipping agency; pilotage; freight forwarding; ship supply and crewing; cargo handling and tallying; cargo loading and unloading, warehousing, import-export, transshipment; ship repair at port; marine environmental cleaning; maritime rescue, etc.
– For maritime transport, research and gradually develop a suitable fleet for participating in the import-export goods transportation through Hon La port area.

b) Develop tourism:

Invest in developing infrastructure for tourism; prioritize the development of modern, large-scale tourist areas; promote tourism images; educate to raise public awareness about tourism services; apply science and technology, especially information technology in tourism development; harmonize economic – social development, tourism development and environmental protection.
Diversify types of tourism products (mountain tourism, sightseeing, exploration, beach tourism, sports entertainment, resorts, sea bathing, etc.); link Hon La Economic Zone’s tourism development with Phong Nha – Ke Bang and other tourist spots in the region. Continue upgrading and gradually developing according to planning for Vung Chua – Yen Island tourist areas and other tourist spots. Create an environment to attract investment in tourism development.

c) Develop trade:

Exploit geographical position, natural landscape, traffic convenience, keep pace with market demand, promote trade development. Form commercial areas in new urban areas. Renovate and upgrade the market system at communes, wholesale markets, bus stations, etc. Prioritize the development of import-export activities, re-export, etc. Pay attention to developing trade infrastructure (markets, shopping centers, bonded warehouses, trade promotion centers, exhibitions, trade promotion, etc.).

d) Develop other services:

Develop other service industries such as finance – banking, securities, insurance, postal – telecommunications, legal consultancy, investment consultancy, business consultancy, science – technology services, notarization, appraisal, asset auction, etc.

e) Development orientation of the duty-free zone:

Establish a duty-free zone associated with a part of Hon La port with an area of 200-250ha belonging to Quang Dong commune, in the Northeast of Hon La Economic Zone. In the duty-free zone, develop activities of producing export goods and on-the-spot goods (including processing, recycling), trading goods (including export, import, transshipment, temporary import for re-export, distribution, retail supermarkets), service trade (sorting, packaging, transit goods transportation, warehousing, postal telecommunications, finance, banking, transport, insurance, entertainment, restaurants), trade promotion and other trade activities.
Form in the duty-free zone the following areas:
– Trade center area, transaction offices, representative offices, branches;
– Production, processing, recycling, assembly, repair area;
– Product introduction area, supermarkets, exhibitions, services;
– Transit goods area, bonded warehouses and other types of warehouses;
– Production, processing, recycling, assembly, repair area, etc.

3. Developing Agriculture – Forestry, Aquaculture and Rural Occupations:

a) Developing Agriculture – Forestry:

Develop comprehensive agriculture in the direction of transforming the structure of high-value crops and livestock to provide safe food for Hon La Economic Zone and linking agricultural production with tourism. Enhance livestock farming by improving the quantity and quality of products to create goods for domestic consumption and export. Promote the application of science, technology, and biotechnology to improve crop varieties and livestock, aiming to increase productivity and improve product quality. Plant coastal protection forests; research and develop pine forests in line with planning; implement afforestation through cooperative projects, etc.

b) Developing Aquaculture:

Focus on farming, fishing, processing, and providing fishery services. Form an economic-technical cluster to support fishing and seafood processing at Roòn Lagoon. Transition the coastal extraction labor force to other sectors such as aquaculture, seafood processing, fishery services, and tourism services. Continue to invest in the development of means and enhance offshore seafood fishing based on consolidating and improving the effectiveness of offshore fishing fleets. Carry out the planning of aquaculture areas to form specialized aquaculture zones, serving the needs of the Hon La Economic Zone and providing raw materials for export processing.
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Hon La Economic Zone - Quang Binh

Hon La Economic Zone - Quang Binh

  • Price: 35 USD/m2
  • Area: 10000 Ha

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