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Operating time: 2015 - 2065
Total Area: 1.935 ha
Infrastructure investors: LONG AN INTERNATIONAL PORT .,JSC
Price: 300 USD/m2
Building density: 60 (%)
Occupancy: 60 (%)
Address: No. 68 Provincial Road 830, Vinh Hoa Hamlet, Tan Tap Commune, Can Giuoc District, Long An Province, Vietnam

Long An International Port (Long An IP) holds a pivotal position in facilitating the import and export activities within the Mekong Delta region. Situated within a complex comprising four project areas, this expansive endeavor covers an impressive 1.935 hectares. With over seven years of operation, Long An IP has achieved notable successes, revolutionizing cargo transportation in the region. In addition to its operational achievements, the project significantly contributes to the economic advancement of Long An province, concurrently lowering transportation expenses for businesses investing in the region.

I. Overview

Long An IP resides in the Can Giuoc district, along the Soai Rap River channel. This port is a vital component of a comprehensive project spanning 1.927 hectares, comprising:

  • Long An International Port: 147 hectares
  • Southeast Asia Logistic Service Center: 239 hectares
  • Southeast Asia Industrial Park: 396 hectares
  • Southeast Asia Residential Area: 1,145 hectares

Long An International Port is a large-scale project, located in the Can Giuoc district

Long An IP, spanning a total area of 147 hectares with an investment capital exceeding 400 million USD, features seven wharves totaling 1.670 meters in length. The port is capable of accommodating ships ranging from 30.000 to 70.000 DWT. Currently, three berths are completed for bulk cargo, along with two berths for container cargo. Additionally, Long An IP boasts five barge wharves. By the year 2023, the port is anticipated to be officially completed, solidifying its status as one of the largest seaports in Southern Vietnam.

Development Goals

Long An IP serves not only as a pivotal hub for goods transshipment but also as a catalyst for economic and social development in the southern key economic region and the Mekong Delta.

The scale

The project investors are actively pursuing the completion of legal procedures to expand the port’s scale. The goal is to accommodate ships of up to 100.000 DWT, extending the total length of the wharf system to 2.368 meters. This expansion positions Long An IP as one of the longest wharves in Vietnam, with a cargo capacity reaching approximately 80 million tons per year. The port’s storage area spans 400.000 square meters, catering to the transportation and storage needs of agricultural and aquatic products, fertilizers, iron, and steel.

II. Location

Long An IP is strategically situated in Tan Lap commune, Can Giuoc district, Long An province. This location serves as a crucial bridge for trade between Ho Chi Minh City, 12 Southwestern provinces, Cambodia, and the East Sea. The port’s establishment has contributed to cost savings in transportation, reduced product prices, and enhanced competitiveness for businesses, transportation companies, and shipping lines.

The port is conveniently located 38 km from Ho Chi Minh City along Highway 50 and only 21 nautical miles from buoy number 0. Both road and waterway routes facilitate access to Long An IP.

  • Road: Customers can travel to the port via highways, connecting the area with major cities and trade routes.
  • Waterway: Leveraging the dense river network connects the port with key economic regions.

With diverse transportation routes, the movement of goods to and from Long An IP occurs seamlessly and effectively.

Long An International Port - Long An Province - TTTFIC Group

Long An International Port possesses great potential in terms of location

Potential Location

Long An IP strategically sits in Long An, an industrially developed province adjacent to Ho Chi Minh City. The province features 22 large-scale industrial parks and numerous smaller ones spread across 12 provinces and cities in the Southwest, providing Long An IP with significant advantages.

Investments in infrastructure include Provincial Road 830 linking Long An IP to various districts. Moreover, the Ben Luc Long Thanh Expressway project improves connectivity by traversing key areas in Long An, Ho Chi Minh City, and Dong Nai.

Strategically located between Ho Chi Minh City and the Southwestern provinces, the port is an ideal option for businesses looking to optimize transportation costs within and beyond the Mekong Delta region. To address congestion at Ho Chi Minh City ports, Long An IP is actively investing in equipment infrastructure. The goal is to enhance efficiency, save time, and reduce costs for customers.

III. Long An International Port Infrastructure

The construction of Long An IP occurs in three phases, with a total investment exceeding 10.000 billion VND. The project comprises eight wharves designed to accommodate ships ranging from 30.000 to 100.000 Deadweight Tons (DWT). The total berth length exceeds 6 km, and it also includes four barge berths, each capable of handling 2.000 tons.

As part of seaport group number 5, the port spans 147 hectares, featuring:

  • Seven wharves capable of receiving ships of 50.000 – 70.000 DWT.
  • Four barge berths.
  • A utility warehouse system covers 975,1002 square meters. It includes CFS warehouses, bonded warehouses, container yards, bulk cargo yards, and additional auxiliary facilities.

Long An IP is currently in phase 1 of development, equipped with two 40-ton cranes. Berth No. 2 has reached completion and is fully equipped to accommodate ships with a capacity of up to 50.000 Deadweight Tons (DWT). Meanwhile, Berth No. 3 is currently in the final stages of construction and is expected to be finished soon.

IV. Economic Value of Long An International Port

Long An IP functions as a comprehensive seaport service complex, an industrial park, and an industrial service area. It adds value to the entire region and stands out as a development trend amidst the growing demand for domestic and international supply chains and logistics. This recognition brings practical benefits to businesses, reducing product costs and enhancing competitiveness in global integration.

In 2023, upon the completion of the investment, Long An IP is expected to handle 15 million tons of bulk goods and 50 million tons of containerized goods. The port plays a dual role by facilitating the transportation of import and export goods to relieve traffic pressure. Additionally, it plays a crucial role in promoting the economy and society of the Southern region and Southwestern provinces. Anticipated to become a central hub for import and export in the entire Mekong Delta region, its impact is substantial.

This information, shared by TTTFIC, aims to give customers and investors a thorough overview of the Long An IP project. The goal is to facilitate informed decision-making.

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Long An International Port - Long An

Long An International Port - Long An

  • Price: 300 USD/m2
  • Area: 1.935 ha

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