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Operating time: 2016 - 2066
Total Area: 396 ha
Infrastructure investors: Investor: Dong Tam Industrial Park Joint Stock Company
Price: 300 USD/m2
Building density: 60 (%)
Occupancy: Updating
Address: Tan Tap commune, Can Giuoc district, Long An province, Vietnam

In the past few years, Long An province has experienced a leading rate of rapid industrialization and urbanization, securing the 3rd position in the 2020 PCI index ranking nationwide. This achievement is attributed to the swift and robust development of industrial parks in the region. One noteworthy example is the Southeast Asia Industrial Park in Can Giuoc district, Long An province.

I. Overview of Southeast Asia Industrial Park

This is a newly established industrial park in Long An, operational since 2016, and is owned by the investor Dong Tam Industrial Park Joint Stock Company.

Southeast Asia Industrial Park is located within the master plan, covering nearly 2.000 hectares and consisting of 4 projects: Southeast Asia Industrial Park – Long An, Southeast Asia Industrial Service Area, Southeast Asia Urban Area, and International Port Long An.

Southeast Asia Industrial Park (Northern Tan Lap)- Long An Province -

Planning map of Southeast Asia Industrial Park

1. Scale and Land Use Structure of the Industrial Park

The project is modernly planned according to a new model that combines an industrial park and a bustling urban area with a scale of 396 hectares. The breakdown is as follows:

  • Industrial construction land area: 181,40 hectares.
  • Warehouse land area: 29,04 hectares.
  • Area of the management zone: 14,50 hectares.
  • Commercial and service land area: 7,07 hectares.
  • Area of key works: 4,4 hectares.
  • Traffic land area: 92,09 hectares.
  • Green area: 59,78 hectares.
  • Reserve land area: 7,74 hectares.

2. Subdivisions of the Project

According to planning, this project will include 3 subdivisions as follows:

a. Area A: Mixed industrial area – Medium-polluted industry

  • Petrochemical project.
  • Mechanical and metallurgical projects.
  • Construction materials production project.
  • Projects to produce wires, electric cables, and telecommunications cables.
  • Projects on chemicals and cosmetics.

b. Area B: Clean industrial area – Low pollution industry

  • Processed goods.
  • Consumer goods.
  • Project to build a facility to produce pharmaceuticals, medicinal materials, and veterinary drugs.

c. Area C: High-tech industrial area

  • Project to produce electrical and electronic equipment.
  • Project to produce electrical and electronic components.

Southeast Asia Industrial Park – Long An is one of the projects that play an important role in promoting local socio-economic development and is a link in the multimodal commodity trade chain between industrial clusters inside and outside the Mekong Delta. This project also plays a crucial role in connecting goods trade between the Mekong Delta region and key economic regions of Ho Chi Minh City, the Southeast, and other countries through international seaports.

II. Geographical Location of the Industrial Park

Southeast Asia Industrial Park is located in Tan Tap commune, Can Giuoc district, Long An province—a dynamically developing area of Long An province and is being planned to become the “backyard” of Ho Chi Minh City. This location serves as the main trade gateway between the Southern key economic region and the key economic region of the Southwest region.

1. Contiguous Boundary of the Industrial Park

  • The East borders Soai Rap River and Southeast Asia Port area of Long An province.
  • The West is adjacent to Ba Lai canal and planned urban area planning.
  • The North borders Hang River.
  • The South borders Provincial Road 830.

2. Regional Connection

This location provides Southeast Asia Industrial Park with an extremely convenient transportation network of road, air, waterway, and railway. The distance from Southeast Asia Industrial Park to key locations is as follows:

  • Adjacent to Soai Rap river.
  • Adjacent to Long An International Port.
  • From Tan An city – Long An: 50 km.
  • Distance from Ho Chi Minh City center: 40 km.
  • From Phu My Hung urban area, District 7: 18 km.
  • From Ho Chi Minh City – Trung Luong Expressway: 30 km.
  • Distance from National Highway 1A: 41 km.
  • From Bourbon Port (France) and Hoang Tuan Port (VN): 28 km.
  • Far from Hiep Phuoc Seaport: 10 km.
  • Far from Tan Son Nhat Airport: 65 km.

With these favorable conditions, Southeast Asia Industrial Park – Long An is assessed by experts to become a modern, large-scale industrial park within the next 3 to 5 years. This will help Long An become one of the three largest industrial centers in the South of Vietnam.

Southeast Asia Industrial Park - Long An - TTTFIC Group

Southeast Asia Industrial Park (Ba Tan Tap) is located in Tan Tap Commune, Can Giuoc District, Long An Province

III. Industrial Park Infrastructure

Understanding the needs and desires of businesses and investors, the investor of this project has built a synchronous and modern infrastructure system, making the most of natural conditions.

1. Road System of Southeast Asia Industrial Park

The internal road system has hot asphalt concrete pavement, 45 m wide, with a 2 x 12 m wide road surface on both sides, a 5 m wide median strip, and a corridor system on both sides, 2 x 8 m wide, designed according to Vietnamese standards H30.

Internal routes connect to main roads such as Huong Lo 2, National Highway 50 connecting to Provincial Road 826, Provincial Road 835, and National Highway 1A. The road width is 60m, the road surface is 2 x 15 m wide, with a 10 m wide lane and a 10m wide corridor on each side to facilitate the circulation and transportation of large quantities of goods.

2. Electric Supplying System

The power supply for Southeast Asia Industrial Park is provided through the 110/22KV Station with a capacity of (2 x 63) MVA Nam Tan Tap.

3. Water Supply System

The entire industrial park uses water provided by Saigon Water Supply Corporation through specialized pipes f100 ÷ f600.

In the first phase, businesses will use water from the Bang Tam water supply plant with a capacity of 2.400 m3/day.

4. Water Treatment Factory

The wastewater drainage system is built separately from the rainwater drainage system. Pipe lines 300 and 400 are arranged underground along the sidewalk to collect wastewater and connect to line 500 leading to the treatment station for centralized treatment. Wastewater at factories will be treated according to QCVN 40:2011/BTNMT before being discharged.

5. Garbage and Solid Waste Treatment System

Regular waste will be collected and processed by Can Giuoc District Public Works Company Limited. For solid waste and hazardous waste, the investor will sign a contract with a company specializing in hazardous waste treatment.

6. Fire Protection System

The industrial park has fire water supply posts at a distance of 150 m ÷ 200 m/head with a team of professionally trained industrial park fire protection staff.

7. CNG/LPG Gas Station

Southeast Asia Industrial Park has built a CNG natural gas supply station for businesses with a design capacity of Min 6.000 m3/hour (1 m3 = 0.717 kg).

8. Communication Systems

The industrial park is equipped with MDF, a telephone system, and high-speed internet connection capable of meeting all investor requirements.

9. Green Tree System

The green tree and carpet system are arranged with a density of 20% for land to build factories and warehouses, and 30% for administrative, service, cultural-exhibition, and medical works.

10. Other Utility Systems

Southeast Asia Industrial Park – Long An also provides other amenities such as accommodation for workers, a residential area for professionals, a sports center, an outdoor training ground, customs office, bonded area, bank, green park, welcome gate, and guard post.

Investing in the infrastructure system has attracted many large projects with significant investment capital, contributing to making Long An province a newly developed economic center in the southern area.

IV. Industries that Attract Investment

Southeast Asia Industrial Park is a multi-sector industrial park attracting investment in various industries, including but not limited to:

  • Knitting, apparel, and yarn.
  • Additives for printing on fabrics, printing, and packaging.
  • Household plastic.
  • Production of teaching aids, children’s toys, and sports equipment.
  • Production of plastic beads.
  • Production of PP bags from plastic beads.
  • Product exhibition showroom.
  • Production of cosmetic raw materials.
  • Packaging production, offset packaging printing.
  • Production of soundproofing, heat insulation, and construction materials from fiberglass.
  • Producing ceramics, porcelain, and glass.
  • Production of household appliances and stationery.
  • Production of construction materials and interior decoration.
  • Production of composite materials.
  • Rolling aluminum, iron, steel from raw materials.
  • Mechanical processing: turning, turning, welding.
  • Production of welding rods.
  • Machine manufacturing mechanics, construction mechanics, motorbike spare parts assembly.
  • Producing electronic components, information, telecommunications, and household appliances.
  • Pharmaceutical and medical equipment industry.
  • Production of water paint.
  • CNG, LPG & LNG gas supply station.
  • Beverages, confectionery, food, and food processing.
  • Concrete mixing station.
Southeast Asia Industrial Park - Long An - TTTFIC Group

The East borders Soai Rap River and Southeast Asia Port area of Long An province.

V. Investment costs in Southeast Asia Industrial Park

Some basic costs when investing in this Industrial Park are as follows:

Fee typeAmount to be paidNote
Land rental fee300 USD/m2.For industrial land and commercial services:

  • Rental area: Minimum 10.000 m2
  • Land lease term: Until 2066.
  • For standard industrial factories or designed according to investor requirements:
  • Rental area: minimum 5.000 m2.
  • Steel frame factory with 8 m high columns. Steel mesh concrete floor. Reinforced concrete office, ceramic tiled floor, painted brick walls, plaster ceiling.
  • Lease period: Minimum 05 years.
Electricity usage feeRanging from 1.685 – 3.076 VND/kwh (not including VAT).Specifically:

  • Normal hours: 1.685 VND/kwh (not including VAT)..
  • Off-peak hours: 1.100 VND/kwh (not including VAT)..
  • Rush hour: 3.076 VND/kwh (not including VAT)..
Water usage fee16.500 VND/m3.VAT is not included.
Infrastructure maintenance fees1.250 VND/m2/month.VAT is not included.
Executive management fee750 VND/m2/month.VAT is not included.
Cost of wastewater treatment8.250 VND/m3 (excluding VAT)The amount of wastewater is calculated as 80% of the investor’s monthly water supply.
Fees for using phone and InternetAccording to the price list of VNPT Telecommunications Company.

V. Investment Incentives in Southeast Asia Industrial Park – Long An

The investor of this industrial park offers various preferential policies to businesses and investors, including:

1. Time of Land Use

The land use period extends until 2066, with a one-time land rental payment and no annual land use fees to the State.

2. Free Consulting and Support Services

Investors receive assistance with all procedures for applying for licenses to operate, provided free of charge. Additionally, investors benefit from free consulting services on various aspects such as environment, design, construction, project ownership, customs procedures, taxes, banking, accounting, etc. They can also access support in borrowing capital from banks for building factories, machinery, and equipment.

3. Preferential Prices for Products and Construction Materials

Investors are offered products and construction materials at preferential prices from Dong Tam Group. These include items such as fresh concrete, centrifugal sewers, tiles, paint, steel core plastic doors, and sanitary equipment.

4. Support for Human Resource Recruitment

Southeast Asia Industrial Park assists businesses and investors in recruiting human resources, including:

  • Senior managers and highly qualified technical staff in Long An province and major cities such as Ho Chi Minh, Hanoi, and Da Nang.
  • Technical workers trained at technical schools (Viet Nhat Intermediate School, Long An Technical College, Long An Vocational College).
  • Unskilled workers in the locality and surrounding areas.

VII. Labor and Labor Costs

The robust development of industrial parks in Long An has created numerous job opportunities for local workers and attracted workers from other provinces to live and work. This situation helps businesses in Southeast Asia Industrial Park easily find and recruit suitable workers.

Southeast Asia Industrial Park – Long An not only brings economic benefits, contributing to changing the appearance of Can Giuoc district but also addresses the employment problem for many local workers. With abundant potential and strong resources, Southeast Asia Industrial Park – Long An holds expectations for outstanding future development in this region.

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The land for lease that belong to Industrial Park has run out of stock. Only the land and warehouse has been re-invested by individual investor that still available

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