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Operating time: 2002 - 2052
Total Area: 440 ha
Infrastructure investors: Hai Son Co., Ltd
Price: 160 USD/m2
Building density: 75%
Occupancy: 70%
Address: Duc Hoa Ha Commune, Duc Hoa District, Long An Province, Vietnam

Hai Son Industrial Park earned its reputation as one of the pivotal projects in Long An province during the 2000-2010 period. This industrial park not only spearheads positive economic and financial transformations but also acts as a magnet for investors, both domestic and international businesses. For comprehensive and continuous updates on this significant project, stay tuned as TTTFIC compiles the latest information in the following article!

I. Overview of Hai Son Industrial Park Project

Hai Son Industrial Park commenced construction in January 2008 and stands as the primary industrial park project in Long An. Executed and developed by Hai Son Company Limited, a specialized firm in investing and establishing extensive industrial parks, Hai Son Company came into existence in 2003 under the leadership of Mr. Trinh Van Hai, the General Director. Over nearly two decades of operation, Hai Son Group has evolved into a robust brand in the realm of Investment, Exploitation, and Construction of industrial parks and residential areas.

Hai Son Company Limited boasts a vast total area of 1.800 hectares with a charter capital of approximately 2.000 billion VND. Some notable projects under the unit’s portfolio include Hai Son Industrial Park, Xuyen A Industrial Park, Luong Binh Industrial Cluster, Hai Son Long Thuong Industrial Cluster, and more. Guided by the principle of “Quality Assurance and Friendliness,” Hai Son Group consistently strives for sustainable, long-term values, making positive contributions to the province’s economy.

The scale of Industrial Park

Hai Son Industrial Park is structured with a 60% density and encompasses a total planned area of 440 hectares, with the land use distribution as follows:

  • Factory and warehouse land: 70%
  • Transport land and foreign traffic: 13%
  • Green land: 12%
  • Land reserved for technical areas and other constructions: 5%
Hai Son Industrial Park - Long An - TTTFIC Group

Hai Son Industrial Park – Long An – TTTFIC Group

II. Geographical Location of Hai Son Industrial Park

Hai Son Industrial Center is situated at Binh Tien 2 Hamlet, Duc Hoa Ha Commune, Duc Hoa District, Long An Province. Positioned at the northwest gateway of Ho Chi Minh City, it serves as a pivotal location connecting the Industrial Park with the southwestern provinces. Additionally, it strategically acts as a buffer zone between the East and Southwest, facilitating an easy and convenient connection with the Mekong Delta region.

Moreover, residents and businesses in the industrial park can establish connections with other industrial park projects in Long An, as well as industrial clusters and parks in Ho Chi Minh City. The area is complemented by a comprehensive transportation and infrastructure system, featuring regional connecting roads such as:

  • An Suong intersection tunnel (District 12 – Hoc Mon to Long An Province, Tay Ninh)
  • Metro route 2 (Ben Thanh – Tham Luong), linking Ben Thanh District 1 to Truong Chinh Street and An Suong Bus Station
  • Ring road 4, spanning approximately 35,8 km along the entire route
  • National Highway 1A
  • Provincial roads 825 and 830

Connection Advantages of Industrial Park

  • Located 3 km from Duc Hoa town center
  • Located 17 km from Ho Chi Minh City center
  • Located 4 km from Vam Co Dong river
  • Located about 11 km from National Highway 1A
  • Located 25 km from Tan Son Nhat Airport
  • Located 24 km from Saigon Station
  • Located 28 km from Saigon Port

Possessing such a strategic geographical advantage in Hai Son facilitates seamless transportation of goods, import and export activities, and meets the travel needs of workers.

III. Industrial Park Infrastructure

Traffic System

Hai Son Industrial Park features the following routes:

Main Road

  • Hai Son – Tan Do Road connects to Road 825 facing the road with a width of 11m x 2, a 2m wide median, and a 4,5m x 2 wide sidewalk.
  • Route 2: 16m wide road surface, including 5m x 2 sidewalks, 36m right-of-way, and a length of about 1583m.
  • Road No. 4: 16m wide road surface, 5m x 2 wide sidewalk, 36m road width, and 1670m length.
  • Road No. 7: 16m wide road surface, including 5m x 2 wide sidewalks, 36m road width, and about 1448m length.
  • Road No. 9: 16m wide road surface, including 5m x 2 wide sidewalks, 36m road width, and 1522m length.
  • Road No. 10: 16m wide road surface, including 5m x 2 wide sidewalks, 36m road width, and 1483m length.

Secondary Route

  • Road No. 1: 14m wide road surface, including 4m x 2 wide sidewalks, 32m road width, and 660m length.
  • Road No. 3: 14m wide road surface, including 4m x 2 wide sidewalks, 32m road width, and 1306m length.
  • Road No. 5: 14m wide road surface, including 4m x 2 wide sidewalks, 32m road width, and 1383m length.
  • Road No. 6: 14m wide road surface, including 4m x 2 wide sidewalks, 32m road width, and 1314m length.
  • Road No. 8: 14m wide road surface, of which the sidewalk is 4m x 2 wide and 1356m long.

The industrial center’s proximity to the Vam Co Dong River enhances waterway transportation, complemented by a well-established road network, facilitating transportation and trade from the Industrial Park.

Electric Supplying System

The industrial park is powered by the Duc Hoa 110/22KV – 40+63 MVA transformer station through the 22KV line along provincial road 825 leading to Hai Son. This ensures stable voltage, supporting the stable production and daily life of businesses.

Clean Water Supply System

Hai Son’s clean water system is supplied by an underground water plant, meeting domestic water supply standards. It includes a fire protection system complying with state regulations.

Wastewater Treatment System

Hai Son’s wastewater treatment system meets the standards of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, with an operating capacity of up to 11.000 m3/day and night.

Communication Systems

The communication system at the industrial park provides 12 phone lines per hectare for manufacturing plants, 24 lines per hectare for service centers, and 10 lines per hectare for technical facilities. This ensures communication needs, and internet connectivity, and serves the entire area.

Additionally, Hai Son is equipped with a comprehensive network of underground cables, with a total length reaching approximately 434m. The entire industrial park has a total of 2327 phone lines, ready to serve businesses

Hai Son Industrial Park - Long An - TTTFIC Group

Hai Son Industrial Park is focused on investment and construction with complete infrastructure

IV. Industries Attracting Investment in Hai Son Industrial Park

Hai Son Industrial Park, with its strategic location and modern infrastructure, has become a focal point for investors across various industries. The following sectors are currently attracting investment in the Industrial Park:

  • Food, Beverage, and Food Processing Industry:
    • Packaged and canned food and bottled water production industry; MSG production, wine mixing,…
  • Wood Processing, Glass, and Ceramic Production Industry:
    • Production of wooden boards, wooden tables, and other wooden tools.
    • Products from ceramics and glass for home decoration.
  • Mechanical and Metallurgical Industry:
  • Textile, Dyeing, and Garment Industry:
    • Knitting, silk and yarn production, shoes, garments, and other fashion-related products.
  • Packaging Manufacturing Industry:
    • Production of PP bags from plastic beads.
  • Pharmaceutical and Detergent Manufacturing Industry:
  • Chemical, Pharmaceutical, and Cosmetic Manufacturing Industry:
  • Electronic and Telecommunications Equipment Manufacturing Industry:
    • Manufacturing equipment and components for the electrical, electronics, and telecommunications industries.
    • Manufacturing household electrical appliances, telecommunications cables, etc.
  • Medical Equipment Manufacturing Industry:
  • Production of Household Plastics, Interior Decoration Materials, and New Materials:
  • Spare Parts Manufacturing Industry for the Electrical Industry:
  • Packaging Printing Industry:
  • Rental Services:
    • Warehouse, factory, logistics, etc.

V. Investment Incentives of Industrial Parks

Hai Son Industrial Park offers several preferential investment policies to attract and support investors:

Corporate Income Tax:

  • Investors in Hai Son Industrial Park receive a tax exemption for the first 2 years.
  • A 50% reduction for the subsequent 4 years.
  • The current corporate income tax rate is 22%.

Support for Investment Procedures:

  • Quick support and guidance for investors on procedures, including Land Use Rights Certificates, Business Eligibility Certificates, Construction Permit applications, and other relevant documents.

These incentives aim to foster a favorable environment for businesses and encourage sustained investment in Hai Son Industrial Park.

VI. Investment costs of Hai Son Industrial Park

Below is a summary of investment costs in Hai Son Industrial Park:

Electricity supply price
  • Peak hour: 0,1 USD/KWH
  • Normal hours: 0,05 USD/KWH
  • Off-peak hours: 0,03 USD/KWH
Price of clean water0,4 USD/m3
Infrastructure management fees and other services0,04 USD/m²/month. Paid annually.
Land rentsOne-time payment: 160 USD/m2 or annual payment.
Cost of wastewater treatment
  • 0,28 USD/m3.
  • Water quality before treatment: Type B.
  • Water quality after treatment: Type A meets QCVN 40:2011/BTNMT.

Note: The above fees do not include VAT (excluding land rental fees), and are paid flexibly on a monthly basis.

VII. Labor Resources and Labor Costs

Hai Son Industrial Park, a crucial component of the economic landscape in the Long An area, has become a focal point for numerous investing businesses. Leveraging its strategic geographical location and well-developed infrastructure, the industrial park has successfully drawn a substantial workforce from neighboring areas. This strategic advantage ensures that businesses leasing land in Hai Son can readily access human resources and fulfill their staffing needs.

As of now, the industrial park has generated stable employment for over 5.000 workers. Simultaneously, it harnesses the available labor resources to contribute to the province’s development, fostering diversification in both production and services.

VIII. Economic Value of Hai Son Industrial Park

Hai Son Industrial Park has executed a comprehensive infrastructure development plan, achieving an impressive 70% occupancy rate. It has attracted more than 400 businesses that have actively undertaken construction and commenced operations, representing over 80% of the total. With a substantial investment amounting to 350 billion VND by Hai Son Co., Ltd., the Industrial Park has significantly impacted the Southern Real Estate market, marking a pivotal milestone for the company.

In recent years, the Industrial Park Investor has injected significant funds into the budget for the economic development of Hai Son Industrial Park and, by extension, Long An Industrial Park. This financial contribution has played a vital role in addressing employment challenges, facilitating labor restructuring, and effectively implementing social security initiatives. The company consistently contributes to the Fund for the Poor, having donated 40 charity houses and funded the construction of 2 rural bridges, amounting to a total cost of 6 billion VND.

In summary, Hai Son Industrial Park stands out as a multi-industry complex, developed with a commitment to safety, friendliness, and environmental sustainability. Moreover, the industrial park continues to attract a multitude of private investors, thereby fostering sustainable value creation for the community.

The land for lease that belong to Industrial Park has run out of stock. Only the land and warehouse has been re-invested by individual investor that still available

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Hai Son Industrial Park - Long An

Hai Son Industrial Park - Long An

  • Price: 160 USD/m2
  • Area: 440 ha

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