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Operating time: 2002 - 2052
Total Area: 181 Ha
Infrastructure investors: The Tâm Thắng Industrial Zone Infrastructure Development Company
Price: 30 USD/m2
Building density: 70
Occupancy: 98
Address: Hamlet 1, Tâm Thắng Commune, Cư Jút District, Đắk Nông Province

Tam Thang Industrial Park – Dak Nong

Tam Thang Industrial Park – Dak Nong, the first and only IP of Dak Nong province, is situated in Tam Thang commune, Cu Jut district. It lies 110km southeast of the city center, located on Highway 14 which connects the Central Highlands and South East provinces, 20km from Buon Ma Thuot city and about 300km from Ho Chi Minh City. This IP has a total area of 181 hectares, with an initial investment of 191.3 billion VND, which is proposed to be increased to 297,648 billion VND.

The Tam Thang IP was developed by the Tam Thang Industrial Park Infrastructure Development Company. As the first IP investor in Dak Nong province, the company faced several difficulties in the initial stages, including slow project implementation due to various objective reasons such as lack of capital, challenging location, and limited attraction.

Nevertheless, the Tam Thang IP has successfully constructed several basic facilities of a necessary concentrated IP, with the estimated cost of the constructed and ongoing investment projects being 214,944 billion VND. The park has also effectively handled sanitation and maintenance tasks to meet the infrastructure requirements of the land-leasing investors.

By June 2014, Tam Thang IP had 30 valid investment projects, of which 27 were operational, including one foreign project, and three were under basic construction.

Master plan map of Tam Thang Industrial Park - Dak Nong - TTTFIC Group

Master plan map of Tam Thang Industrial Park – Dak Nong – TTTFIC Group

Tam Thang Industrial Park Planning:

The land area of Tam Thang Industrial Park has the following structure: Factory construction occupies 124.6 ha (68.9%), administrative buildings occupy 0.2 ha (0.1%), service crops occupy 5.1 ha (2.8%), green space covers 20.09 ha (11.5%), connection works occupy 2.6 ha (1.4%) and traffic uses 27,6 ha (15.3%), a total of 181 ha.

In the administrative and service center, the management block measures 0.2 hectares. The central service unit, which includes a bank, tax office, science and technology consultancy services, telecommunications, representative offices, and headquarters of industrial sanitation companies, covers 2.9 hectares. The representative offices, which also house product exhibition spaces, career centers, technology transfer services, and industrial services like first aid stations and catering services, occupy 1.6 hectares.

Adjacent to the administrative and service center are clean industries such as garment, cotton fiber, precision mechanics, and electronics, covering 31.2 hectares or 25% of the factory construction area. These are located in lots CN1, CN2, CN10, CN11, and CN12.

The central area hosts industries with low pollution potential like agro-forestry processing (without chemical production), mechanics, and handicrafts, covering 56.6 hectares or 45% of the factory construction area, located in lots CN3 to CN8, CN13, and CN14.

The southwest area of the IP hosts polluting industries requiring special control measures such as agro-forestry processing that uses chemicals, covering 32.8 hectares or 26% of the factory construction area, located in lots CN15, CN16, CN17, and CN19.

Green spaces cover 20.9 hectares or 11.5% of the total land. Despite the seemingly small percentage, the IP’s adjacency to the green spaces along the Serepok River and the river’s spacious banks enhances the overall green and open space for the IP.


As of September 2020, Tam Thang IP attracted 45 investment projects: 32 operational land-leasing projects (68.37%), 4 basic construction projects (4.27%), and 4 registered investment projects (18.15%). The actual occupancy rate was 72.64%, while the total occupancy rate, including operational, under-construction, and registered investment projects, was 86.52%. The overall occupancy rate, which includes operational, under construction, registered investment, and recovered projects, stood at 98.18%.

Tam Thang Industrial Park - Dak Nong - TTTFIC Group

Tam Thang Industrial Park – Dak Nong – TTTFIC Group

The infrastructure of Tam Thang Industrial Park:

Tam Thang Industrial Park (IP) has seen significant investment in its infrastructure. Funded from the state budget with a total investment of 191 billion VND, it has substantially completed its main transportation system.

The internal traffic system in the IP has been fully and synchronously built, with National Highway 1A running through the IP. The power supply system is well set up, with a 22KV line running from the 110KV transformer station to the IP’s fence. The communication infrastructure, including telephone lines, has been pre-installed up to the borders of each plot, available in full and unlimited quantities as per demand.

The park also implements a unified land rental policy. It applies equally to domestic and foreign organizations and individuals conducting business activities within the IP, regardless of their origin. The rental price for manufacturing land in Tam Thang IP is 6,000 VND per square meter per year, while the rental price for business services is 7,000 VND per square meter per year.

Investment incentives:

Investment Incentives policy for Tam Thang Industrial Park:

Investors in Tam Thang Industrial Park can benefit from the common investment incentives as well as specific ones according to Resolution 08/2018/NO-HDND. This includes:

For projects outside industrial clusters and high-tech agricultural areas, support is provided for infrastructure construction such as transportation, drainage systems, and centralized wastewater treatment. The policy supports 30% of the cost for public-related projects (up to 2 billion VND/project) and 20% for others (up to 1 billion VND/project).

Projects that rent premises in industrial clusters and high-tech agricultural areas receive a rent exemption until they complete their project and have marketable products, for a maximum of 24 months. Under objective circumstances, we can extend the rent-free period up to 36 months. Following this period, these projects get a 50% discount on rental fees for the next two years. We achieve support for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) by compensating infrastructure investors, which is then deductible from land tax or compensated from the local budget.

SMEs (excluding foreign-invested firms and state-owned enterprises) renting premises in these areas can receive rental support. Also, there’s 30% support on expert hiring contracts for high-tech projects (up to 3 contracts/project, 150 million VND/contract/year, for up to 2 years/project). Local workers in high-tech projects also receive training support.

Industries attracting investment:

Tam Thang Industrial Park’s promotion and investment attraction efforts are currently diverse, covering various sectors. Notably, this includes alcohol production factories, sugar refining plants, and facilities serving the agricultural sector like animal feed processing, fertilizer production, modern mushroom cultivation, and machinery manufacturing. Auxiliary services such as postal, telecommunications, and banking are also available, providing support and assurance to investors.


Hotline: +84936431788

The land for lease that belong to Industrial Park has run out of stock. Only the land and warehouse has been re-invested by individual investor that still available

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Tam Thang Industrial Park - Dak Nong

Tam Thang Industrial Park - Dak Nong

  • Price: 30 USD/m2
  • Area: 181 Ha

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