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Investors Choose Ninh Thuan – The Pearl of Vietnam’s Industry

Ninh Thuan, with its majestic seascape, lush green fields, and interconnected mountain ranges, featuring Solar, Wind, and Thermal Power farms with a coastline stretching 105.8 km, is not only an ideal tourist destination but also a perfect location for industrial projects. The province stands out with its modern and diverse Industrial Zones, promising significant benefits for businesses, contributing significantly to both Vietnam’s industrial sector and the global industry as a whole.

Convenient Transportation – Connecting North and South

With its strategic location, Ninh Thuan is situated between major transportation axes such as National Highway 1A and the North-South Expressway, facilitating easy connections to neighboring provinces and the nation’s economic centers. Moreover, the proximity to Cam Ranh Airport, just 20 km away, adds to the convenience, providing ideal conditions for the transportation of goods and personnel.

Close to 3 Major Ports – International Trading Gateways

Being close to Nha Trang, Cam Ranh Bay, and Mui Ne, Ninh Thuan serves as a central hub for trade, acting as a gateway to the East Sea and international markets. The flexibility and efficiency in import-export activities are strong points for businesses operating in the region.

Affordable Labor Costs – Abundant Skilled Workforce

One crucial factor influencing the decision to establish factories in Industrial Zones is the low labor costs. With an abundant pool of skilled and unskilled labor, businesses can leverage a high-quality workforce without significant investments in labor expenses.

Incentive Policies and Tax Reductions – Special Support

The local government of Ninh Thuan is heavily investing in industrial development, providing businesses with numerous special incentives, including tax exemptions for up to 15 years. This makes the business operation process flexible and convenient.

Ninh Thuan – The Perfect Choice for Industrial Development

With advantages in transportation, seaports, labor force, and favorable policies, Ninh Thuan is not just an ideal destination but also a “Promised Land” for the prosperity of businesses and multinational corporations across various industries. Choosing Ninh Thuan means opting for a sustainable and successful future.

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