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Operating time: 2018 - 2058
Total Area: 300 Ha
Infrastructure investors: Sonadezi Binh Thuan Shareholding Company
Price: 50 USD/m2
Building density: 50 %
Occupancy: 100 %
Address: Tan Duc Commune, Ham Tan District, Binh Thuan Province, Vietnam

Tan Duc Industrial Park, located in Binh Thuan Province, stands as a shining example of Vietnam’s industrial development. Established to meet the growing demands of production and industry, it has evolved into a pivotal hub for investment attraction and significant economic growth.

With its strategic geographical location, this industrial Park offers a competitive advantage for transportation and product exports.

Tan Duc Industrial Park has successfully drawn a diverse range of businesses across various industries, including food, electronics, information technology, and many more. Here, modern infrastructure, a skilled workforce, and a business-friendly environment ensure sustainable development and contribute to the prosperity of both the region and the nation.

As it becomes operational, Tan Duc Industrial Park is expected to attract numerous secondary investment projects with a total registered capital reaching hundreds of millions of USD, concurrently addressing employment opportunities for thousands of workers. This will play a vital role in bolstering the local budget and driving industrial development in the southern part of Binh Thuan, thus improving the material and spiritual well-being of the project’s surrounding communities.

I. Overview of Tan Duc Industrial Park – Binh Thuan

The Prime Minister has approved a new project for investment and construction on an area of approximately 300 hectares in Ham Tan, known as the Tan Duc Industrial Park. Relevant units have promptly carried out procedures to prepare for the project’s investment and conducted land clearance to enable the project to commence operations as soon as possible.

In the context of land fever occurring in many localities, the development of industrial clusters in Binh Thuan province will contribute to solving employment for the local population and creating a source of revenue for the state budget. However, land compensation and clearance need to be reasonably resolved to facilitate conditions for residents and attract businesses to invest.

Planned for the total land use area, the project includes the following structure:

  • Factory land and warehouses accounting for 69,15%;
  • Administrative and service land accounting for 2,63%;
  • Greenery and water surface land account for 16,64%;
  • Technical zone land accounts for 2,76%;
  • Transportation land accounts for 8,82%.

The maximum gross construction density for the entire area is limited to 50%.

Additionally, the overall land use plan map lists the details of the factory and warehouse land plots. Such land planning will effectively facilitate the project’s development, optimize land use, and protect the surrounding environment.

Information about the Investor of Tan Duc Industrial Park – Binh Thuan

The investor of the Industrial Park is Sonadezi Binh Thuan Shareholding Company.

The main office address is 443 Quarter 1, Tan Minh Town, Ham Tan District, Binh Thuan Province, Vietnam.

Sonadezi Binh Thuan Joint Stock Company (SZT) was established on June 5, 2020, with a charter capital of 400 billion VND. Starting as the investor of Tan Duc Industrial Park, Sonadezi Binh Thuan aims to become a professional real estate enterprise contributing significantly to the socio-economic development of the local area and the country.

Master plan map of Tan Duc Industrial Park - Binh Thuan - TTTFIC Group

Master plan map of Tan Duc Industrial Park – Binh Thuan – TTTFIC Group

II. Geographical Location of Tan Duc Industrial Park – Binh Thuan

Tan Duc Industrial Park is located in Tan Duc Commune, Ham Tan District, Binh Thuan Province, Vietnam.

Boundary Scope

  • To the East: Adjacent to existing residential areas and Tan Minh Town;
  • To the West: Borders Suoi Le and agricultural land;
  • To the South: Borders agricultural land and residential land (approximately 200 meters from National Highway 1);
  • To the North: Borders agricultural land.

Distances to Major Transportation Points


  • Adjacent to National Highway 1A (approximately 0,2km).
  • Distance to Dau Giay-Phan Thiet Expressway: 3 km.
  • Distance from Ho Chi Minh City: 95 kilometers.
  • Distance to Phan Thiet City: 60 km.
  • Distance to Lagi Town: 30 km.


  • Distance to Long Thanh International Airport: 75 km.
  • Distance to Tan Son Nhat International Airport: 110 km.
  • Distance to Phan Thiet Airport: 69km.


  • Distance to Tan Cang – Cat Lai Terminal: 113 km.
  • Distance to Tan Cang – Cai Mep Terminal: 118 km.


  • Distance to Suoi Kiet Station: 20 km;
  • Distance to Suoi Van Station: 51,2 km.

With such convenient transportation locations, not only can transportation costs be saved, but the logistics of goods transportation also become highly convenient and accessible.

III. Infrastructure at Tan Duc Industrial Park – Binh Thuan

Leveling Plan

  • Surface water flows naturally from the lots to the surrounding roads, and the drainage basin directs water into the river system to the East and West of the industrial park.
  • The highest and lowest design elevations for the site are +94.86m and +58,85m, respectively.

Stormwater Drainage Planning:

  • The stormwater drainage network is a separate system that flows by gravity towards the Southwest and Northeast towards a stream and then into the Dinh River.
  • The system uses reinforced concrete pipes with diameters ranging from D600 to 2xB2000xH2000, combined with manholes located on sidewalks along roads, with a distance of 40-50m between manholes.

Traffic Planning

  • External transportation is via National Highway 1, about 200m to the South of the industrial park.
  • Internal transportation includes the main road of the industrial park and internal roads.
  • Building setbacks of 6m from the red line boundary or green belts act as buffers.

Water Supply

  • Tan Minh Water Plant supplies water to the industrial park in phase 1, the following stages take raw water from Bien Lac Lake.
  • The total water supply capacity is 10.500 m³/day and night.
  • The water supply network is designed in a loop form and uses uPVC pipes.

Firefighting Water Supply

  • The construction team installs fire hydrants with a diameter of 100mm at a radius of 150m along the water supply pipelines, and reserves 187 m³ of firefighting water.

Wastewater Planning

  • The investors will build the wastewater system separately and completely independent of the rainwater drainage system.
  • They will also construct a wastewater treatment plant with a capacity of 6.850 m3/day and night to treat the wastewater.
  • The treated wastewater must meet environmental standards.
  • Industrial wastewater must be classified and have separate treatment solutions.

Solid Waste Planning and Environmental Sanitation

  • The total amount of solid waste is about 150 tons/day, with an industrial waste standard of 0,5 tons/ha/day.
  • Gatherers collect industrial waste and transport it to the waste transfer station situated in the east of the industrial park to classify it as a source for recycling.
  • After that, they take it to the province’s solid waste treatment facility for processing.

Electrical Planning

  • The total power supply capacity is approximately 55.742 KVA.
  • The 22kV medium-voltage power grid is erected on high centrifugal concrete poles with a height of 18m along power supply routes for loads.
Full scale 3D map of Tan Duc Industrial Park - Binh Thuan Province - TTTFIC Group

Full-scale 3D map of Tan Duc Industrial Park – Binh Thuan Province – TTTFIC Group

IV. Key Investment-attracting Industries in Tan Duc Industrial Park – Binh Thuan

Tan Duc Industrial Park is a concentrated, multi-sector industrial Park that attracts industries using modern, environmentally friendly waste treatment technologies. The focus is on various industrial sectors such as:

– Textile and garment production;

– Machinery and mechanical equipment manufacturing;

– Building materials;

– Electronics;

– Mechanical engineering;

– Pharmaceuticals;

– Food production;

– Consumer goods manufacturing;

– Industries as per current regulations, excluding highly polluting industries.

V. Investment Costs at Tan Duc Industrial Park – Binh Thuan

The land lease cost is 50 USD/square meter. The land lease term is 50 years.

Management fee: 0,4 USD/square meter per year.

Water price:

– Water price: 0,4 USD/m3.

– Supplied by Ham Tan Water Plant.

Electricity price:

– Electricity price: 0,05 USD/kWh.

– Calculated according to the regulations of Binh Thuan Provincial Electricity Company.

Waste treatment fees:

– Wastewater treatment fee: 0,35 USD/cubic meter.

– Treatment standards: Inlet Type B, Outlet Type A.

Hotline: +84936431788
The land for lease that belong to Industrial Park has run out of stock. Only the land and warehouse has been re-invested by individual investor that still available

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Tan Duc Industrial Park - Binh Thuan

Tan Duc Industrial Park - Binh Thuan

  • Price: 50 USD/m2
  • Area: 300 Ha

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