Go Dau Industrial Park

Operating time: 1995 - 2045
Total Area: 182,2 Ha
Infrastructure investors: Sonadezi Long Binh Share Holding Company
Price: 175 USD/m2
Building density: 60 %
Occupancy: 100 %
Address: National Highway 51, Phuoc Thai Commune, Long Thanh District, Dong Nai Province, Vietnam

With numerous outstanding advantages in the exchange of goods by waterway, coupled with the distinction of being the sole industrial park featuring a comprehensive internal port system with a 30.000 DWT capacity, Go Dau Industrial Park exhibits immense potential for industrial development. It has been successful in attracting investments from various industrial, chemical, and fuel projects.

I. Overview

General Information about the Industrial Park

Go Dau Industrial Park, covering a total area of 182,2 hectares, was established on October 18, 1995, by Prime Ministerial Decision No. 622/QD-TTg. This industrial park holds a pivotal role not only within Dong Nai province but also on a national scale.

The infrastructure of Go Dau Industrial Park is comprehensively equipped with modern systems. Notably, the water supply system boasts a capacity of 10,000 m3/day, and the wastewater treatment system has a capacity of 500 m3/day. With such advanced and integrated infrastructure, Go Dau Industrial Park has rapidly attracted investments from renowned companies like Samsung Chemical, LG Chemical, Total Gas, and Shell.

Master Planning Map of Go Dau Industrial Park - Dong Nai Province - TTTFIC GROUP

Master Planning Map of Go Dau Industrial Park – Dong Nai Province – TTTFIC GROUP

Information on Land Use Planning in Industrial Parks

Initially, when investment planning commenced in 1995, Go Dau Industrial Park encompassed a total area of 210 hectares. Subsequently, the decision to adjust the detailed local planning of Go Dau Industrial Park was made by the People’s Committee of Dong Nai Province, reducing the park’s planned area from 210 hectares to 182,2 hectares. Currently, with a 100% occupancy rate, the leased land area within the industrial park amounts to 151,1 hectares.

Information About Investors

The investor for Go Dau Industrial Park is Sonadezi Long Binh Joint Stock Company. The company is responsible for all construction and operation of technical infrastructure services within the industrial park. The company’s reputation in the field of investment and industrial park development in Dong Nai is well-established. It was founded in 1997, with its predecessor being Sonadezi Industrial Park Service Enterprise.

From its establishment until 2020, Sonadezi Long Binh Joint Stock Company has invested in a total of four industrial parks, covering an area of 868 hectares. These include Go Dau Industrial Park, Bien Hoa II Industrial Park, Xuan Loc Industrial Park, and Thanh Phu Industrial Park. These projects have attracted nearly 200 investments from various countries and territories around the world.

II. Geographical Location

Go Dau Industrial Park is situated on Highway 51, in Phuoc Thai Commune, Long Thanh District, Dong Nai Province, Vietnam. The industrial park enjoys a highly advantageous geographical location, being positioned within the key economic and financial region of the southern part of the country. This significantly contributes to the growth of Dong Nai province and the nation as a whole.

Go Dau Industrial Park is one of the few industrial parks with a very convenient waterway connection system, simplifying the transportation and trade of goods for import and export. Specifically, the connecting road system of the industrial park includes:


  • Distance to Bien Hoa City: 42 km
  • Distance to Ho Chi Minh City: 67 km


  • Distance to Tan Son Nhat Airport: 60 km
  • Distance to Long Thanh Airport: 12 km


  • Distance to Go Dau Port: 0,5 km
  • Distance to Phu My Port: 11 km
  • Distance to Cat Lai Port: 39 km
  • Distance to Cai Mep Port: 15 km

III. Infrastructure

To fully meet the operational needs of businesses, Go Dau Industrial Park has invested in the development of a highly comprehensive infrastructure system.

Traffic System: The transportation system to Go Dau Industrial Park has received significant investment and features traffic signs, speed reduction measures, traffic lights, street lighting systems, and roads paved with asphalt concrete materials designed to withstand heavy traffic loads of up to H30. Thanks to the exceptional advantages of this transportation system, the movement and trade of goods are highly efficient and smooth.

T​he Go Dau Industrial Park as viewed from above - Dong Nai Province - TTTFIC GROUP

T​he Go Dau Industrial Park as viewed from above – Dong Nai Province – TTTFIC GROUP

Power System

The electricity supply in Go Dau Industrial Park is consistently provided by Dong Nai Electricity Company Limited to ensure uninterrupted usage for businesses within the industrial park.

Water Supply System

The water source for Go Dau Industrial Park is provided by Phu My Water Supply Joint Stock Company and Ho Cau Moi Water Company, with a daily capacity of up to 10.000 m3/day and night.

Drainage System

Within Go Dau Industrial Park, we install a comprehensive drainage system along internal traffic routes to optimize the collection of rainwater and wastewater from surrounding businesses. We centrally treat all wastewater sources generated during the production process at the industrial park’s central treatment plant. The total wastewater treatment capacity is 500 m3/day and night, and wastewater undergoes treatment using a combination of biological and chemical technologies to meet the QCVN 40:2011/BTNMT Column A standards.

Communication Systems

We assure all communication needs of businesses in the industrial park, including essential services such as international telephone access, high-speed internet, email services, and private switchboards, through the postal and telecommunications network. Moreover, Go Dau Industrial Park also features an underground communication system installed and supplied to the businesses’ fences through a cable system adhering to international standards.

Fire System

Firefighting and fire protection systems within industrial parks are always of utmost importance. Go Dau Industrial Park is investing in the installation of warning and fire protection systems that fully comply with state regulations. Specifically, we install firefighting water supply columns at various internal traffic hubs and within the factory area to ensure a prompt response to fire and explosion incidents.

IV. Industries Attracting Investment

Go Dau Industrial Park offers numerous advantages in infrastructure and benefits from its favorable geographical location, making it a highly attractive destination for both domestic and foreign investors. Some of the areas currently experiencing strong investment interest within the industrial park include:

  • Metal and metal component processing.
  • Glass, ceramics, and construction material processing for national projects.
  • Plastics and polymer production.
  • Fertilizer and chemical manufacturing for agriculture.
  • Advanced industries such as pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, detergents, and synthetic resins.
  • Food processing, beverage production, canned fruits and vegetables, and pre-packaged foods.
  • Handling of chemical gases, asphalt, and other chemicals.
  • Other sectors, including medical equipment manufacturing, sports equipment, household appliances, and electronic component industries.

V. Investment Costs

Investment costs are a crucial concern for potential investors before making investment decisions. Please refer to the basic costs that you need to pay when investing in Go Dau Industrial Park below.

Land rents175 USD/m2
Management fee0,45 USD/m2/year
Electricity bill0,1 USD/kWh during peak hours, 0,05 USD/kWh during normal hours, 0,03 USD/kWh during off-peak hours
Money for clean water0,45 USD/m3 according to current water prices
Cost of wastewater treatment7.282 VND/m3 ~ 0,31 USD/m3, but can still change depending on the agreement between the business and the service provider.

VI. Investment Incentives

When investing in Go Dau Industrial Park, businesses can enjoy the following investment incentives:

Corporate Income Tax Incentives

  • The tax rate of 20% will be applied to the first 10 years of a business project.
  • Businesses operating in industrial zones can benefit from complete tax exemption for the first 2 years and a 50% reduction for the subsequent 4 years when applying corporate income tax incentives.
  • Businesses established and invested in the fields of software production using high technology and scientific and technical development can apply a 10% tax rate for a period of 15 years. Corporate income tax incentives for these businesses involve complete tax exemption for the first 4 years and a 50% reduction for the following 9 years.

Import Tax Incentives

  • We will apply a 0% tax rate to imported goods, including equipment, machinery, specialized vehicles for creating fixed assets, and some raw materials used in the production of exported goods.
  • The 0% tax rate is also applicable to some goods used for export.

Value Added Tax Incentives

  • In Vietnam, value added tax rates applied to consumed goods and services are 0%, 5%, and 10%. The government applies value-added tax exemption to certain goods and services for export, including some goods and services that it provides to industrial zones.

VII. Labor Sources and Labor Costs

Economic Impact

Since its establishment, Go Dau Industrial Park has contributed significantly to the economic growth of Dong Nai Province and the country as a whole. Within 2 years of operation, the industrial park has attracted 14 fourth-tier projects with a total registered capital of $387 million. This includes 8 projects with entirely foreign capital, 2 projects with domestic investment, and 4 joint venture projects.

With a 100% occupancy rate, Go Dau Industrial Park currently has a substantial positive impact on the local economy. This development has generated many job opportunities for the labor force in Dong Nai Province and the neighboring areas. As a result, people are able to stabilize their lives. Unskilled workers earn an average of $170 per person per month, while technical workers make approximately $250 per person per month.

Labor Force

Dong Nai province boasts a working-age population that accounts for over 170% of the province’s total population. Apart from the substantial workforce, the quality of labor is on the rise. The percentage of trained workers has increased from 45% to 78% in the last 10 years. Consequently, the demands of businesses and the labor market within the industrial park are better met.

The workforce in Dong Nai province has been actively acquiring and mastering modern scientific technologies. This newfound expertise allows them to handle complex roles in business and production without needing foreign experts.

The information provided above outlines Go Dau Industrial Park’s offerings. The rapid development of nearby infrastructure projects is making the industrial park more appealing to both domestic and foreign investors. This, in turn, indicates exceptional growth prospects for the future.


    The land for lease that belong to Industrial Park has run out of stock. Only the land and warehouse has been re-invested by individual investor that still available

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