Song May Industrial Park

Operating time: 1999 - 2049
Total Area: 473,95 Ha
Infrastructure investors: SINPACO
Price: 195 USD/m2
Building density: 60 %
Occupancy: 100 %
Address: Road 767, Bac Son Commune, Trang Bom District, Dong Nai Province, Vietnam

Song May Industrial Park (IP) is not only an industrial park project aimed at promoting the economic development of Trang Bom District, Dong Nai Province, but it also plays an extremely important role in improving infrastructure and strengthening connections between surrounding districts and the key economic zone.

I. Overview

Information about Industrial Parks

Song May Industrial Park was established in 1998 in Trang Bom District, Dong Nai Province, and is divided into two separate phases for investment. Phase 1 of the industrial park investment process covers an area of more than 250 hectares, while phase 2 encompasses nearly 224 hectares. Therefore, the total area of Song May IP is 473,95 hectares. As of 2020, phase 1 of Song May IP has achieved a 100% occupancy rate, and phase 2 has reached over 85%.

Song May Industrial Park holds an extremely important position as it was the first industrial park to establish and develop in the region, significantly influencing the overall economic market and investment capital in Trang Bom District, Dong Nai Province. It can be said that the investment project for Song May IP has laid the groundwork for the successful development of subsequent industrial park projects in the area.

Currently, Trang Bom District has four large industrial parks in operation: Song May IP, Ho Nai Industrial Park, Bau Xeo Industrial Park, and Giang Dien Industrial Park.

Information about Investors

The investor of the Song May IP project in Dong Nai Province is the Song May IP Development Joint Venture Company. This company has been in operation since 1999 and has a tax code of 3600390903, with its main business line being the construction of civil works. However, the primary goal of the company is to improve infrastructure and manage the operations of industrial parks.

The investor of Song May IP places a strong emphasis on investing in technical infrastructure, transportation systems, and housing for workers to ensure modernity, quality, and synchronization. With more than 10,000 workers employed in Song May IP, it unquestionably provides numerous job opportunities for the local population and neighboring areas.

II. Geographical Location

Song May Industrial Park occupies an exceptionally prime location, specifically on Road 767, Bac Son Commune, Trang Bom District, Dong Nai Province, Vietnam. As a result, Song May IP benefits from extensive connectivity and advantages within its transportation system. Moreover, people consider this industrial park a crucial gateway that connects the northern districts with the central area of Bien Hoa City and further to Ho Chi Minh City.

  • 16km from the center of Bien Hoa City and 47km from the center of Ho Chi Minh City.
  • Easily accessible to major airports such as Tan Son Nhat International Airport (approximately 42km away) and Long Thanh International Airport (approximately 34km away).
  • Conveniently connected to National Highway 1A, located just about 1,5km away.
  • The city’s ports, including Tan Cang – Cat Lai Port, Phu My Port, and Dong Nai Port, are all conveniently situated and easily accessible.

Furthermore, from Song May Industrial Park, reaching other large industrial parks in Dong Nai Province, such as Bau Xeo Industrial Park, Giang Dien Industrial Park, and Ho Nai Industrial Park, is exceptionally straightforward.

Song May Industrial Park - Dong Nai Province -

Infrastructure map of Song May Industrial Park

III. Infrastructure

This industrial park project was developed with the goal of contributing to the economic growth of Dong Nai Province and addressing employment challenges in the community. Specifically, Song May IP boasts a highly modern infrastructure:

Internal Transportation System

All roadways within Song May Industrial Park measure between 22 to 35 meters in width. Branch roads are slightly narrower, ranging from 15 to 22 meters, divided into 2 to 4 lanes, providing ample space and convenience for businesses within the industrial park to transport goods. Furthermore, these lanes are designed to support loads of up to 30 tons, ensuring smooth trade operations.

Power Supply System

We have constructed the power supply system at Song May Industrial Park in a highly modern manner. It features two substantial power plants with a combined capacity of 61,281 KVA. This robust capacity ensures a stable and uninterrupted power supply to businesses within the industrial park. It effectively meets all their production needs.

Song May Industrial Park - Dong Nai Province -

Song May Industrial Park possesses a very favorable geographical location for trade

About the water supply system

The water supply system of Song May IP meets established standards to ensure the optimal production needs of businesses. The specific and maximum water supply capacity is 10,000 m3/day and night.

About the wastewater treatment system

Investment in industrial park wastewater treatment systems is a significant concern today. In particular, Song May Industrial Park owns an extremely advanced and modern wastewater treatment system. This system has a capacity of up to 2,000 m3/day and night. With such a large capacity, we can meet all the standards set out to protect the environment and community health.

About telecommunications and security systems

At Song May Industrial Park, we invest in the telecommunications infrastructure in a modern way. It features extremely high-speed, lag-free internet connections that fully meet communication and business connection needs. A team of security guards guarantees security and order in the industrial park. They regularly patrol and perform their duties 24/7.

In addition, Song May Industrial Park offers a variety of services to support businesses. These services include hotels, residential areas for workers, restaurants, and banks for workers and employees. This ensures that businesses can conveniently meet their personal needs.

IV. Industries attracting investment

Song May Industrial Park is an ideal location for investors to choose industries here, offering promising development opportunities. Some of the industries attracting strong investment in Song May IP include:

  • Processing, food processing, and consumer goods industries.
  • The meat and fresh food processing industry ensures food safety and hygiene and a closed supply chain.
  • Garment, fashion, footwear, packaging, and packaging manufacturing industries.
  • Pharmaceutical industry, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, chemicals.
  • Industrial production and assembly of electrical, electronic, mechanical, and peripheral equipment.
  • Technology for producing construction materials, processing wood, or products from wood and plastic.

In general, industries attracting investment in Song May Industrial Park are clean industries with minimal negative impact on the surrounding environment.

V. Investment costs

To build a factory in Song May Industrial Park, businesses need to pay several investment costs. These costs are as follows:

Infrastructure rental fee195 USD/m2, make payment according to contract and 10% deposit until April 21, 2049
Management fee0,3 USD/m2/year, but can still change depending on State regulations
Clean water supply fee9,800 VND/m3 ~ 0,4 USD/m3
Electricity bill1,100 – 2,871 VND/KWh, average about 0,07 USD/KWh
Wastewater fee0,32 USD/m3

All investment costs provided above in Song May Industrial Park do not include VAT and may be subject to change based on state regulations. Furthermore, depending on the rental duration and chosen payment method, Song May IP will offer separate incentives. These details should be discussed thoroughly when signing the contract.

VI. Investment Incentives

At Song May Industrial Park, we regularly deploy investment incentives for businesses conducting operations and production. We, the investors of Song May IP, always prioritize investor support services, ensuring the best investment and production environment. This contributes to future development and strengthens businesses.

In addition, special offers are available for investment projects that use clean, green production technology that is friendly to the surrounding environment. These projects are also eligible if they use energy efficiently and apply advanced, modern production technologies. Moreover, Song May Industrial Park boasts a significant competitive advantage in land rental prices, which results in lower infrastructure investment costs for businesses here.

VII. Labor sources and labor costs

Considered an extremely potential project to attract domestic and foreign investment capital, Song May Industrial Park is currently welcoming a diverse workforce and numerous experts. The number of investment projects in the area has reached nearly 200. These projects have a registered capital of more than 1,5 billion USD. Song May IP is currently an attractive choice for businesses. It allows them to improve their competitiveness with surrounding competitors and achieve stable, sustainable development.


When building Song May Industrial Park, human resource problems were thoroughly addressed. Most of the local unemployed workers obtained stable jobs to support their livelihoods. Furthermore, relatively inexpensive labor costs are also a significant advantage for businesses considering this place as an investment location.

In addition, labor safety is a vital concern in Song May IP. It ensures the safety and well-being of workers while working, and helps affirm the reputation of manufacturing businesses in the area. Therefore, labor safety training is being implemented in Song May Industrial Park. This training aims to raise workers’ awareness of how to prevent occupational accidents from occurring.

Oriented development

The investor of Song May Industrial Park places a strong emphasis on improving the living standards of citizens in the region. This is achieved through the construction of residential areas and housing for workers in Bac Son commune. From there, they proceed to complete the synchronized and comprehensive technical infrastructure system. This system serves as the foundation for the long-term production and development of the entire Song May IP.

Above is detailed information about Song May Industrial Park that TTTFIC wants to share with readers. Certainly, Song May IP will have very strong development potential in the coming future, worthy of consideration by businesses.



    The land for lease that belong to Industrial Park has run out of stock. Only the land and warehouse has been re-invested by individual investor that still available

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